Starkey International Enrollment

The Starkey MansionPotential student applicants are encouraged to visit the Starkey International Institute at the Starkey Mansion and meet with the Admissions Director, Education Director, and Placement Team, as well as visit a class in session. During on-site interviews, the applicant is provided a mansion tour and is invited to talk with current students and graduates.

Potential students are encouraged to apply to the Starkey International Institute well in advance of class start date to secure a place. Private Service is a world recognized career path and classes fill up quickly due to limited size. Waiting lists are maintained for future classes. Note: On-site housing at the Starkey Mansion is available on a first-come, first-served basis. A non-refundable fee for Mansion housing is required.

All applicants must complete the following:

1. An on-site or telephone interview with the Starkey Institute Admissions department.

2. An on-site or telephone interview with the Starkey Institute Placement department when applicable.

3. Applicants must complete an Admissions Package. Upon acceptance into the program, a Student Expectations and Guidelines Handbook will be sent which provides the Starkey Vision and Code of Ethics, Personal Image of the Private Service Manager, general procedures, confidentiality agreements and leisure time activity locations, student counseling, grading, airport services, banking and other information pertinent to attending the Institute.

The Institute does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, gender, religion, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin. For further information, please call our Admissions Office at 303-832-5510.


Coming up for air and admiring the new class we have starting today. All our of 1 week and 4 week members are bright, responsible and have a combined field experience of 7 ½ years in the Private Service Industry. We are truly lucky to have them on board. The 8 week class for those folks out there with 5 or less years of experience is starting on April 5th! If you are interested in attending this course, it is NOT too late to submit an application J


Ms. Kristin Parks


WoW! What a fantastic beginning to the New Year!

January flew by like it was a dream. Mr. Jardine and myself have been on the phone non-stop since the beginning of the year. Now that I have a chance to come up for air, I wanted to remind the rest of you out there that we have a 1 week Systems Course and a 4 week Manager’s course being offered in March. THAT IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! These courses are designed to expand on skill sets that are already established. So, if you have been in the Private Service Industry for 5 years or more and have been following Starkey International, wanting to know our systems….NOW is the time to register!

Please contact Donald Jardine or myself with any questions you may have. 

Mr. Donald Jardine & Ms. Kristin Parks

Here’s to a fantastic 2009!… and to an even better 2010!

Admissions is buzzing with all the new students we have in our mansion this season. We couldn’t be more excited with all this new energy! We are already starting to process applications for our upcoming March 1 & 4 week classes, and our April 8 week class. Remember! The resources here at Starkey International have already proven to be invaluable to all career changing students J Including, but not limited to: our new Chief Operating Officer who just semi – retired from 30 years in the Private Service Industry, our detailed class materials that are included in the admission’s price, and also our friendly staff who would bend-over-backwards to help you out J We look forward to getting to know each and every one of our potential Starkey Graduates in 2010!

Don’t forget to register for Restoring The Art 2010! This year promises to be educational and fun! You can Click Here to find out more information.


Mr. Donald Jardine and Ms. Kristin Parks