Winter Short-Term Education opportunities at Starkey

Essential Private Service Knowledge

Education for the Working Household or Estate Manager

Professionals in Private service are seeking ways to grow their skills.  I just received a call from a Chef who has found himself in a $200k a year Estate Management position without the experience or training to functionally set up a plan. 

I suggested the 5 day housekeeping course to set up Zones and customized Task Sheets for a Housekeeping Plan with his new staff.  Housekeeping is to Household Management as Bookkeeping is to Accounting. Our next Fine Housekeeping Standards course is February 8-12, 2016.   It’s essential knowledge!

Starkey has developed specialized skill training in

A comprehensive course focusing on cleaning products, tools, systems, and the Starkey Method for zoning and cleaning a home. A great add-on for new Private Service Professionals, as well as a refresher course for those who are already familiar with Housekeeping in the Private Home.

Course Dates:
Feburary 8-12, 2016

Clothing and Valet:
Our Director of Education will guide you through the art that is maintaining wardrobes, packing and unpacking for travel, and maintaining high-end clothing and fabrics. We will discuss organizational styles, laundering products, and ways to systemize the process of packing for your Principals.

Course Dates:
Feburary 15-19, 2016

Culinary for Private Chefs:
Our Executive Chef and Starkey Instructor will educate students with varying levels of skill in the proper planning and execution of creating meals in a household setting. Focusing on flavor profiles, specialized diets, menu planning, kitchen sanitation, and proper inventorying of kitchen supplies and food, this course is a must-have for anyone who prepares meals in a Private Home. Whether you are the dedicated Chef, or just covering for the Chef’s days off, this course will provide comprehensive instruction and information to set you up for success at every level.

Course Dates:
Feburary 15-19, 2016

Wine, Mixology, and Wine Cellar Management:
Exploring the various regions and profiles of wine, this course will provide you with a Level 1 Sommelier Certificate upon completion. We will explore Old and New World wines, learn how to read wine labels, discuss different styles of wine making, and participate in guided tasting. We will also discuss the Marriage of Food and Wine, as well as how to properly pair wines for meals. The art of Wine Cellar Management will be studied as well. Students will also be exposed to mixology, classic cocktails, and basic bar inventory. A great course for those who are involved with Entertaining in the Private Home.

Course Dates:
Feburary 22-26, 2016

Courses are 5 days and offered at a rate of $2,495 for each program.
****Discounts offered for all Starkey Graduates

Costs include room, meals, all new text books, videos, and more

Our next Certified Estate Management Program will begin March 7th, 2016!

 Our next Certified Estate Management Program will begin March 7th, 2016!  See the complete 2016 schedule of courses