To all Starkey Grads and Clients

It is with great sadness and yet clarity that I write you all today. I’m in my 44th year with Starkey International and I find that I am not to continue my work in Private Service. 

It is with great gratitude I wish to thank my 1800 Graduates for trusting in their service career with Starkey to bring them knowledge, position, professional self esteem, and wealth. You deserve every bit of it. And to my many, many clients over the years who came back to Starkey seeking yet another great Graduate. The fullness of my gratitude cannot be just verbally expressed here. Know however, that you through Starkey, you saved my life, and many other lives in both the giving and receiving of service. You gave me my life’s path, you gave direction, purpose, and your years of loyalty. How could I have asked for more.

I leave the profession with Household Management /service text books(18), a service vocabulary, management tools, and proven service management systems: one for setting up housekeeping plans, another for event and formal entertaining, and a process for learning both what you need as employers and what you actually bring to the employers table as providers. 

I have an active 5,000 person email list, google words, memorable memorabilia, and much more. We’ve accomplished much over the years in creating a Household Management profession. 

While I know what’s ahead for me; the future of Starkey International is now left up to the divine. I am humbled by the letters of support and appreciation for what has been achieved. Thank you! Should you wish, I am available to speak about sharing and the purchase of what has been developed within Starkey. 

In gratitude for all within our profession. With great love,

Mary Louise Starkey.