Customized Service Management Education and Training Offered in Your Home!

Starkey International is celebrating 43 years in the Private Service industry and has become the expert in teaching the “Relationship of Service.” Starkey International teaches how to identify and meet the Service Standards expected of a Principal. Starkey has developed and patented the Starkey Service Management System. We have turned service into a highly valued asset, where “service” is the product. We have learned that Service Professionals must be positioned to be successful. Starkey Private Staff Training is customized in content to serve your individualized need. Click here to request more information about private training

Customized Curriculum for Private Homes and Yachts

  • Identifying Service Visions
  • Customized Service Management Plans
  • Service Etiquette and Protocol
  • Tea and Coffee Specialties
  • Entertainment and Event Planning
  • The Formal Dinner
  • Table Settings and Service Styles
  • Silver Polishing and Care
  • Culinary Meal Planning
  • Marriage of Food and Wine
  • Aperitifs, Digestifs and Cigars
  • Wine Cellar Management
  • Housekeeping Techniques
  • Care of Fine Linens
  • Laundry and Closet Organization
  • Care of Fine Art, Antiques and Carpets
  • Flower Arranging
  • Management of Vendors, Grounds and Property
  • Car Care, Etiquette and Detailing
  • Security and Security Protocols
  • Nanny Management System
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Fine Housekeeping for the Private Home
Starkey’s Fine Housekeeping for the Private Home: Housekeeping is to Household Management as bookkeeping is to Accounting. If you don’t know it, you can’t really supervise Housekeepers or train them. It’s an integral part of a Household Manager’s knowledge. Starkey International is offering a 40-hour (five-day) course for Household Managers to come out knowing what fine housekeeping means. This course must also take place at the Starkey Mansion. Food and housing is provided at the Starkey Mansion as part of the curriculum fee.
Curriculum offered in this course:
  • Starkey cleaning philosophy for the high-net-worth
  • The Relationship of Service, etiquette and protocols
  • Housekeeping baselines and variables
  • Family Housekeeping favorites and standards
  • Creation of a customized household Housekeeping plan
  • Learn about organic and standard products, chemicals, tools and safety
  • Closet organization and inventory management skills
  • Students will develop Zones and Task Sheets (bring your architectural drawings)
  • Identify Daily Graces, project tasks and weekly, monthly and seasonal cleaning schedules
Technical Skills:
  • Correct cleaning methods and techniques
  • Dusting, care of wood, care of wood floors, carpets and fine rugs
  • Proper care and cleaning of art, books, antiques, and other collectibles
  • Care of silver, glass, crystal, china, chandeliers and windows
  • Bathroom and kitchen cleaning
  • Making beds, performing turndown, linen closet organization, care of bed linens and laundry practices
On-Site Training Programs for Employers
The Private Education and On-Site Training Programs are customized programs that consist of Starkey’s patented Systems Course to design a customized Service Management Plan. We teach the following programs in your home: • Butler Etiquette and Protocols • Nanny Management Program • Setting up your customized Housekeeping Plan, Clothing Care, Etiquette and Protocol for Private Homes • Entertainment and Event Planner (The Ballet of Service and the Formal Dinner) • Private Service Culinary Courses • And more… Our specialized On-Site Training correctly positions the curriculum and chooses the right instructor to maximize the results for each employer. These programs are customized for Employed Staff and provided On-Site as requested.

All courses are customized to the Family, Location, Environment, Size of Home, and the number of Staff needing training.

The following are short–term programs provided On-Site at Clients’ homes or at Starkey International. They are specific to Starkey’s Ten Standards. Individual Standards Modules can be taken to receive Course Completions. Full Programs must be completed to receive Certification in each of the Specialized Focus Educational Offerings. Starkey’s Service Management “Systems” Program: This course is the patented Service Management System taught to customize your overall Service Management Plan, explain the Service Language for identifying Service Expectations and introduces the 11 Management Tools to set up the Service Plan in a home. Its ideal for working Household and Estate Managers. 5 days. Administrative Skills for Private Service Training: This course teaches Administrative abilities including: adapting to and using Private Service Terminology and Titles, using the Starkey System for identifying detailed Concierge Service Expectations of Principals, HR abilities including Interviewing, Hiring and Dismissing Staff and Vendors, Managing Staff and the particulars of Private Service Vendors, and other administrative skills. 5 Days Entertainment for Private Service Training: This course introduces the student to entertaining in a private home or yacht to include: Personal Presentation, Speech and Service Attitudes, International Guest Protocols and Etiquette, Personal Graces, Professional Boundaries, Entertainment Planning, Formal and Informal Table Service and Settings, Wine and Champagne Service, Event Planning, and other technical skills. Starkey provides a sophisticated event planner for your ongoing use. Starkey teaches Emily Post-style table settings and formal service. An actual formal dinner typically follows. Designed for Private Household, Yacht, Club Butler Duties or a hands-on Butler position. This course is idea for your Household Staff, Housekeepers and your Household Manager., 5 Days Personal Care for Private Service Training: This course provides non-medical training to include Senior Care, Child Care, Guest Care and Pet Care. It includes Protocols and Etiquette, Professional Boundaries, Light Housekeeping and Amenities, Meal Planning and Nutrition, and Concierge Services including Doctor Appointments, Food Shopping, Errands and Transportation. Specifically for your working Nannies or Housekeeper. There is no medical training provided 4 Days Fine Housekeeping  or Yacht for Private Service Training: Etiquette and Service Training to include Old Guard Housekeeping, Household Organization, Products/Tools, and Hands-on Skills Training for setting up a customized Housekeeping Plan, Zoning and Task Sheets, Household Etiquette and protocols for working in a private home. Students set up an actually Housekeeping System during the course. Ideal of Housekeepers and for the Household Manager supervising Housekeepers. 5 Days Clothing and Valet Care for Private Service Training: This course includes training for proper Clothing Care, Closet Organization, Seasonal Organization, Laundry and Ironing, Personal Shopping and recognition of Luxury Products, Care of fine Accessories, spot removal, fine washables, reading labels, basic sewing and dry cleaning management. Ideal for Housekeepers or Household Managers. 4-5 Days. Butler Etiquette and Protocol Service Training: Chauffeur, Household and Travel Etiquette, Personal Graces, knowledge of Private Jets, Yachts and automobiles, knowledge of packing and unpacking, Concierges for Private Cars and Entertaining in the Private Home. Learn to identify the skills, personalities and Systematic tools required to manage the Housekeeping, Laundress and Chef.  Ideal for working Butlers. 5 Days Private Service Culinary Level I  Management of Culinary staff is often a mystery to the Household Manager and the Principal. This course will give you the tools you need to keep the kitchen organized, select menus, organize their Day in the Life and have the insight to keep your Culinary Staff working at the top of their abilities. Learn to identify the skills, personalities and Systematic tools required to manage your Private Chef.  Ideal for Chef’s or Housekeepers cooking in private homes. 3-5 days  Private Sommelier An overview and guided tasting of both Old and New World Wines. It includes aperitifs, digestifs, cordials, and cocktails. Included in the program is Wine Cellar Management and buying wines for the Private Home. Ideal for Household Managaers  3-5 days
The Art of Entertaining Course
Starkey’s The Art of Entertaining Course is back! We will be covering Table Settings, Table Service Styles, Champagne Service and Formal Dinner planning all from the perspective of the Emily Post tradition. If one knows the traditional art, one can always alter or fine-tune to fit the requests of your Principal. Starkey will present its famous “Entertainment Event Planner” and practice Order of Service. We will also cover care of fine China, Silver and Crystal, basic flower arrangements, proper use of candles and menu development. We will end the course with a formal dinner.
Curriculum offered in this course:
  • Table Settings
  • Table Service Styles
  • Formal Dinner Planning
  • Care of fine China, Crystal & Silver
  • Basic Flower Arrangements
  • Champage Service
  • Proper use of candles
  • Menu Development

“Taught from the Emily Post Tradition”

“If one knows the traditional art, one can always alter or fine-tune to fit the requests of your Principal.”

Starkey’s Service Management “Systems” Program
  1. Starkey’s Service Management “Systems” Program is a 40-hour, five-day course taught online or at the Starkey Institute for individuals who are working in Private Service or have a Private Service background. Our unique Service Management System instructs how to identify service expectations and how to customize a service delivery plan. This patented Management tool is a highly sophisticated process for identifying, organizing and prioritizing household staff duties and service expectations. Unique to the service profession, it provides a management foundation for Private Service. It includes Terminology, Zoning for Creating Housekeeping, Maintenance and Security Task Sheets. This system synthesizes service delivery hours, identifies position descriptions and provides a user-friendly process for customizing a service delivery plan.
It is considered continuing education for our Graduates as it brings the newest management tools available to their skill set. Our process for customizing an overall Service Management Plan, Starkey’s Service Language for identifying Service Expectations, and for delivering a very high Standard of Service are all detailed in this course. It includes all of Starkey’s Management Tools for Private Service, Standards Matrix, Technical Skills Qualifier, Day in the Life, Ten Service Standard Categories, Service Matrix and more. The Systems course is also taught as a Correspondence Course guided by a Starkey Instructor through videos, written assignments, textbooks and live conversations, allowing you 45 days to complete the course.  Food and Housing provided at the Starkey Mansion as part of the Curriculum Fee.
Starkey’s 11 Service Management System Tools include:
  • Service Vision and Service Goals
  • Employer’s Family Tree and Traditions
  • Employer and Family Schedules
  • Household Favorites and Preferences
  • Employer’s Service Standards Matrix
  • Technical Skills Qualifier
  • Technical Skills Matrix
  • Housekeeping, Property & Grounds, Maintenance and Security Task Sheets
  • The Ballet of Service Event Planner
  • Day in the Life™ & Position Descriptions
  • Service Management Matrix
Service Standards include:
  • Administration, Calendars, Inventory
  • Housekeeping Schedules
  • Culinary Expectations
  • Clothing and Valet Care
  • Entertainment – Event Planning
  • Property and Grounds Management
  • Maintenance Task Schedules
  • Transportation and Travel Schedules
  • Safety and Protection Management Personal Care: Elder, Guest, Child and Pet

Private Training

The following are short–term programs provided on-site at Clients’ homes or at Starkey International.They are specific to the Starkey Ten Standards categories: Administration, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Property and Grounds, Entertaining, Culinary, Clothing and Valet, Transportation and Travel, Safety and Protection and Personal Care. Individual Standards Modules can be taken to receive Course Completions. Full Programs must be completed to receive Certification in each of the specialized focused educational offerings. Starkey International apart from our primary Management Courses we also offer courses that can be held at your Principals home or on location here in Denver.  
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