Starkey Milestones


1981 Created the concept of the professional Household Manager and coined the term “Household Manager”
1985 Became a nationally recognized Private Service placement company
1987 Hosted the first “International Nanny Conference” and became a charter member of the International Nanny Association
1988 Developed first approved educational curriculum for personal service and Household Management
1989 Published first Household Management textbook, The Original Guide to Household


1990 Opened first school for Household Management in the United States
1991 Featured on the front page of the Lifestyles section in USA Today
1995 Developed the first professional and systemized language for the service profession
1997 Patented the world’s first Service Management System that identifies and manages

Service Expectations

1998 Published Mrs. Starkey’s Nanny Manager
1999 Offered first publication for Private Chefs, Starkey’s Alchemy of Cooking for the Private Chef
1999 Starkey International® featured on front page of The New York Times
2000 Published Mrs. Starkey’s Setting Household Standards for employers
2000 Created “Restoring the Art®” as a continuing education conference, now an International Association for Private Service Professionals
2001 Starkey Household Management curriculum became an approved U.S. Military

educational program

2002 Incorporated Wine Cellar Management into the Household Management Curriculum
2003 Began training Butler and Service Etiquette Skills for the hospitality market, private clubs and luxury service hotels
2005 Household Manager title accepted by the Department of Labor. Supported the development of a national certification in Household Management
2007 Prominently featured in journalist Robert Frank’s best-seller Richistan, as well as his book The High Beta Rich
2008 Graduated the 100th class of Starkey
2008 Featured in British and French media outlets
2009 Featured in The Costco Connection
2009 Featured in Forbes Magazine and on “The Today Show”
2010 Created specialized student scholarships and loan programs in cooperation with Restoring the Art® for Potential Students needing financial aid
2010 Invited to provide luxury Service education in Asia and the Caribbean
2011 Created specialized Service Managers Certification Program for Estate, Service, Concierge, Senior and other Service Hospitality for Residential Communities.
2012 Launched certified Service Management System Correspondence Course
2013 Expanded Starkey curriculum to China
2015 Created textbooks and curriculum for the different Ten Standards
2016 Published e-books for Starkey’s Alchemy of Cooking For the Private Chef (2nd Edition) and Mrs. Starkey’s The Original Guide to Private Service Management 
2017 Published e-books for Mrs. Starkey’s Entertaining Etiquette and Protocols for the Private Home and Mrs. Starkey’s Fine Housekeeping Standards for the Private Home in English and Spanish
2017 Developed online courses for the Starkey Service Management System Course and The Relationship of Service And Your Personal Statement  Course
2019 Completed an extensive renovation of The Starkey Mansion in downtown Denver
2020 Continue to teach students online and at The Starkey Mansion, as well as place Graduates with the high-net-worth across the country