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Make a Difference in the Life of Another

The Starkey Institute is over 40 years old. We have created service terminology for private homes, patented a service management system that’s unique for private homes, written 18 textbooks to expand industry knowledge, and placed 95 percent of our Graduates. We invite all those in private service to grow our profession by growing your knowledge. Employers prefer educated professionals in today’s market!  

The Starkey International Institute for Household Management is deeply committed to meeting the needs of industry service professionals and their Principals.

Mission Statement

To create a world-class Private Service industry in which Private Service Management is seen as an art form, continuing education and growth are valued, and standards of professionalism are recognized, honored and fortified.

History and Philosophy

Starkey began as Starkey & Associates, Inc. in January 1981, offering housekeeping and placement services. In November 1989, Starkey International Institute for Household Management was created in response to marketplace requests for trained and skilled professionals. Since its first class offering in January of 1990, the Institute has benefited from the presence of old-world European and American Butlers, experienced service professionals and Household/Estate Managers from the United States and abroad.

cherf2Starkey began with a curriculum that was designed for those entering Service as a profession. The industry has grown to require more sophisticated education for today’s seasoned professional.

Starkey has now developed courses in both our patented system and in developing our students’ individualized Personal Statement.

Starkey has been placing our certified graduates in our select high-net-worth homes for over 40 years.

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We Identify Your Style of Service & Choose the Right Candidate for You

StarkeyInternational-PlacementStarkey’s areas of service expertise include placing service professionals with individuals of new wealth, diplomatic and legacy families, notable personalities, tech-oriented families, luxury service hotels and retirement communities. Our Placement services and recruitment process are outlined in our Placement Service Agreement. Starkey’s employer-paid placement fees are based on a percentage of the first year’s taxable salary. In addition to providing educational consulting and support to identify your style of service and the right candidate for you, we also help position Private Service professionals to succeed with on-going follow-up!

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Starkey's Brand of Matchmaking
When looking for employees within the private service industry, you typically receive forwarded résumés from a number of candidates, with the expectation that you know what you are looking for, and that you know how to choose the most appropriate person for your position. Over the years, we have learned that a good deal of interpretation with résumés must take place to learn what candidates’ real abilities are and what they actually know.

We also know that when service expectations and employee duties have not been written down or systematized and are only in the heads of past staff, their knowledge leaves when they do. The employer is left with the costly challenge of starting over!

Starkey’s Placement Process
Over the years, our placement process has become quite sophisticated to position our graduates for success. Starkey has developed a unique expertise in matchmaking for both our graduates and our clients. Starkey only places our own graduates. We know who they are, where they come from, their behavioral traits and what they actually know.

We also have our students complete what we call our Personal Statement process. This helps them identify their morals, values and ethics, why they are in service and their top service abilities they bring to your table.

We also identify their Style of Service, in addition to their ethics, religion and origin stories. In addition, we take into consideration the  locations of the Principal and candidates.

We help you identify daily activities using our highly effective management tool called Day in the Life, which indicates levels of responsibility and actual expected management expertise.

This is the essential knowledge about you, your position and our Graduates that we present to you. This is just part of our matchmaking.

A candidate’s actual skills, attitude, etiquette, professional boundaries and their ability to customize a written service plan for you is all essential knowledge.

Identifying your Perfect Starkey Graduate
To help you learn what you want, Starkey has several placement tools we utilize to select the most ideal Graduate for you and your position. We begin by identifying your basic information, current staff and your overall Vision for Service.

We have also identified 10 Service Standard Categories that are present in every home, as well as the Service environment. We help you explore all 10 categories to begin to identify your unique Service Standards.

Starkey’s 10 Service Standards are:

  • Administrative
  • Housekeeping
  • Culinary
  • Clothing and Valet
  • Entertaining
  • Property and Grounds
  • Maintenance
  • Transportation and Travel
  • Safety and Security
  • Personal Care including Child Care, Elder Care, Guest Care and Pet Care Standards

Placement & Consulting in Service

StarkeyInternational-Placement3We match your Service needs with our Technical Skills Qualifier, which specifically identifies what Starkey candidates really know how to do, along with what we have learned about them in class in our 10 Service Standard categories. Additionally, this tool specifically brings out what they have personally done in service!

We match-make your expectations with not only candidates’ real abilities, but we also use character evaluation tools to match their personality, work and communication styles.

Interviews with Starkey are done within our Site Visit Service, or if you choose to visit us here at The Starkey Mansion. We also do phone or Skype calls.



Starkey’s Service Agreement

Starkey‘s Service Agreement requires a signature. Placement fees are 30 percent of the first year’s income of the accepted salary within the Employment Offer, and 25 percent if you are a returning client or have had us complete a Site Visit for you.

We know each Private Service position has a level of sophistication and difficulty, requiring a specific level of Starkey candidate in order to be successful. We also know each Starkey candidate has a level of service knowledge and proven expertise, which has value in the profession. Starkey’s Placement knowledge enables us to present the right Graduate for the right Service Position with precision. Starkey only places those candidates who have completed a Starkey course.

Interviewing Starkey Graduates

Starkey typically hand-picks the Graduates we feel are most appropriate for you. We provide fully developed profiles on our Graduates that include their education, personal background, detailed skills, work history and work/personal references Starkey has personally verified. We recommend that you begin to interview a Starkey StarkeyInternational-Placement2Graduate with a phone interview and then progress to bringing the candidate to your home for an in-person interview. We can also provide you with insightful interview questions.

Formal Offers of Employment

When making an offer, The Starkey Formal Offer outlines and answers all your hiring questions and provide examples of Privacy Agreements for employment use. Starkey will have full profiles, background and credit checks completed and will forward to you during the hiring process.

Follow-Up After Placement

To follow up, Starkey speaks regularly with you and your new staff member(s) during the 60-day or 90-day probational period to fully support you in those early days. We will recommend additional private training to set up Housekeeping, Clothing Care, and Maintenance Task Sheets or on-site training for your staff when necessary. We’ll be keeping you informed in order to maximize your and your employees’ success.

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