Customized Service Management Education and Training Offered in Your Home!

Starkey International is celebrating 39 years in the Private Service industry and has become the expert in teaching the “Relationship of Service.” Starkey International teaches how to identify and meet the Service Standards expected of a Principal.

Starkey has developed and patented the Starkey Service Management System.

We have turned service into a highly valued asset, where “service” is the product. We have learned that Service Professionals must be positioned to be successful. Starkey Private Staff Training is customized in content to serve your individualized need.

Customized Curriculum for Private Homes and Yachts

  • Identifying Service Visions
  • Customized Service Management Plans
  • Service Etiquette and Protocol
  • Tea and Coffee Specialties
  • Entertainment and Event Planning
  • The Formal Dinner
  • Table Settings and Service Styles
  • Silver Polishing and Care
  • Culinary Meal Planning
  • Marriage of Food and Wine
  • Aperitifs, Digestifs and Cigars
  • Wine Cellar Management
  • Housekeeping Techniques
  • Care of Fine Linens
  • Laundry and Closet Organization
  • Care of Fine Art, Antiques and Carpets
  • Flower Arranging
  • Management of Vendors, Grounds and Property
  • Car Care, Etiquette and Detailing
  • Security and Security Protocols
  • Nanny Management System