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Starkey International Appreciation of Military Enlisted Aides

Starkey began training Enlisted Aides in 1998. The Navy’s detailer, Chief Doug Marsh was challenged with the lack of any training available for Enlisted Aides, as the traditional learning style utilized by their Philippine Stewards was no longer available. In 1997, Mrs. Starkey flew into Washington, D.C. and was welcomed by 20 Enlisted Aides from the area, all seeking Starkey educational support. Our first students were all in the Navy and they attended our eight-week Household Management program in Denver. Navy Admiral Vernon E. Clark eventually had Starkey training written into all Enlisted Aides’ orders, which continued for several years. The Air Force soon followed but customized their training at two levels. In the early 2000s, Air Force Brigadier General Richard Hassan, with the help of Chief Master Sergeant Gary (Doc) Murdock, set up regional centers to train Air Force Enlisted Aides utilizing Starkey’s Service Management System and management tools focusing on Housekeeping and Entertaining. Once they committed to long-term Enlisted Aide duty, these Air Force Enlisted Aides would then attend Starkey’s four-week program. Starkey, with direction from the Air Force, published a beautiful, hardbound Continuity Binder written specifically for Enlisted Aides.USOEnlisted-1 (1) Starkey brought a specialized four-week Household Management course to the military Enlisted Aides in Washington, DC. For multiple years, the Bolling Air Force Base hosted us as we taught members of all branches.  During those early years, Starkey met with Elaine Rogers, the president of the United Service Organization in Washington, D.C. With the blessing and support of the Air Force and then food safety educator Ed Manley, Starkey instituted the Enlisted Aide of the Year Award. Mrs. Starkey purchased a table at the annual Salute to the Military Chef’s USO event, and engraved a silver service dish, and presented the first Enlisted Aide of the Year award. It was a grand experience! Throughout the last 20 years, officers and personnel in charge changed their priorities, and financing the education of Enlisted Aides changed with them. However, Starkey has continued to enjoy working with Flag Officer spouses in entertaining, running formal tables and communicating with Enlisted Aides. During formal dinners that Starkey students would serve as part of their curriculum, Mrs. Starkey has had the privilege of dining with Air Force General John P. Jumper, Marine General Peter Pace, Joint Chief of Staff General Richard B. Myer and their wives. We have continued to host Enlisted Aides from all military branches here at Starkey, and hired the Navy’s Retired Senior Chief Chef William Althoff. We have learned the differences of each branch of the military and their priorities to support their individual training. MilitaryPlaque3Starkey greatly appreciates the energy, commitment and professionalism Military Enlisted Aides bring to Starkey, while attending courses both at the Institute here in Denver and on location with you. We are able to bring to you our courses designed for retiring Enlisted Aides and short, customized courses for those still on active duty. In the early days, Starkey committed to only place Enlisted Aides in civilian positions who had formally retired from their military service. We have honored this commitment since 1997. Most Enlisted Aides have years of service, with Administrative, Culinary, Entertaining expertise, and with security clearances that are now able to be easily placed around the U.S. and abroad. It’s best to contact us six months prior to retirement. If you are thinking about relocation for you and your family, contact us first. Re-locating to a city or town that does not support the employment of those in Private Service will make your placement challenging. If you have not had Starkey Training, or have not updated your Household Management training in the last five years, plan to update your coursework with Starkey in Denver or online. VA benefits will pay for your Starkey educational courses. Starkey has enlisted the support of the Satter Foundation, which provides partial scholarships for Enlisted Aides to receive Starkey training.

Call our Admissions Office at 720-788-3398 for our catalog and further information. We consider all military Enlisted Aides part of our Starkey family.