MilitaryPlaque4Starkey International will  customize a Household Management course for Military Personnel & Enlisted Aides. We will be able to accept 8  in this specialized program offering. All branches of the military are invited to attend. Contact Starkey for information regarding tuition fees, and availability of partial military scholarships.

 Starkey International is fully compliant with Title 38 United States Code Section 3679(e).



  1. Starkey’s Essential Service Management System that teaches how to develop and customize a Service Management Plan and presents multiple unique Service Management Tools for Private Service;
  2. Our Personal Statement which helps the student understand and identify the perfect Household Management position for them based upon their unique Values and Belief Systems, Family Background, Technical Skills, and their Career Goals;
  3. Our Entertaining and Event Planning and Formal Dinner Managment tool presents knowledge of fine china, crystal, table linens, table settings, table service, valet and detailed organization;
  4. Students will learn how to set up a customized Housekeeping Plan, Management of Vendors, about care of fine clothing, about overall high-end products, resources, and the care of fine things;
  5. Culinary expectations for a Private Chef will be covered with the marriage of food and wine, wines and mixology;
  6. Overall Concierge expectations will be included, and working in the civilian sector as a Household or Estate Manager and Private Chef.