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Mr. Medicin and Mrs. Starkey are both well-traveled and lovers of culture and art.

Get to know the inspiration behind each of the mansion’s themed rooms, and what each room has to offer. 

The Rooms

The French Quarter

Both Mr. Medecin and Mrs. Starkey have always felt lifelong affection for the country of France. This room, with its Parisian-inspired style, honors Mr. Medicin’s memories of growing up in France, as well as Mrs. Starkey’s time spent visiting her favorite Parisian sites: Montmartre, the Moulin Rouge, Painters Square, and the Louvre.

This room features soft green pastels, a velvet floral quilt, an original fireplace framed by light wood paneling and hand-selected French books. This bedroom also has its own sleeping porch with a decorative desk, comfy chairs—a perfect place to dream.

Two full beds; fireplace; glass-enclosed sleeping porch; shared bathroom


The theme of this room was inspired by Mrs. Starkey’s recent travels to Morocco, where she was the guest in the palace of King Mohammed VI at the Royal Palace of Casablanca. The bold red colors in this room will be sure to evoke memories of adventures or travel, especially with views of Titanic survivor Molly Brown’s home through the back windows. Have you ever seen an intricate hand-crafted Turkish rug, a rare work of art that’s made entirely from red silk? Displaying fine Turkish craftsmanship from 1960, this rug took two to three people two years to make. The glass-enclosed, airy sleeping porch—reminiscent of times before air conditioning—makes a uniquely peaceful spot for reading or writing.

One king-sized bed; glass-enclosed sleeping porch; shared bathroom


The Coral Ritz

This secluded, more formal offering has stunning mountain and downtown views, bright coral walls, and the vibrant feel of the Paris Ritz, where Mrs. Starkey has had the pleasure of staying over the years. In fact, the room’s name was inspired by Mrs. Starkey’s friendship with a Starkey Graduate, Marie Claude Metrot, who lived at the historic Paris Ritz. Ms. Metrot upheld the highest service standards throughout the hotel, and is one of the few individuals, along with Coco Chanel, who called the Paris Ritz home. Be sure to enjoy the room’s stunning floor-to-ceiling arched windows, one of the trademarks of architect Frederick Sterner’s Georgian design, as well as the statement rug made by Turkmen tribes in Afghanistan. Combined with the room’s vibrant color and romantic atmosphere, it will really feel like you’re staying at the Ritz.

One king-sized bed with shared bathroom

Cocteau/Moretti Suite

Mr. Medicin, a butler and chef, was born near Monaco, France and first worked as a butler intern for Princess Grace and Prince Rainier of Monaco at the age of 18. During his 35 years traveling the world as a butler, Mr. Medicin became an avid art collector. This airy, sunny room showcases the lithographs of French artists Raymond Moretti and Jean Cocteau, many of them portraying abstract spiritual scenes. When you walk into the room you’ll be wowed by the intense blues and intricate designs on the two hand-crafted rugs from Afghanistan and French-crafted tapestry coverlets in this room. You’ll want to hang out in one of the large comfy chairs, and find peace with the presence of Monet, our meditating blue frog. This suite includes a privacy divider that’s perfect for close friends wishing to share a suite or for parents with small children—we even stashed away some children’s books for their enjoyment.

Two full beds; mirrored suite; private bath

Timi’s Hideaway

Timi’s Hideaway is named after Mrs. Starkey’s and Mr. Medicin’s loving Chihuahua, a dog with a nose for cozy blankets and luxurious pillows. The room’s warm shades of blue open out to views of the mountains and the gold dome of Colorado’s State Capitol through one of Sterner’s southern-style arched windows that let in soft evening light into the hideaway. The room’s décor is perfect for a playful, whimsical getaway full of fun, highlighted with our favorite puppy paintings and picture books. Be sure to take in the grandeur of this room’s hand-knotted rug from Afghanistan. It took four people eight months to make this stunning statement piece, whose paisley patterns symbolize birth and new life.

One queen-sized bed with shared bathroom

Buddha’s Place

When you first walk into this room, you’ll be lovingly greeted by a laughing Buddha statue, reminding us all to relinquish control of our lives and relish our time. With views of the Capitol building and downtown, this room evokes peace and meditation, with its East Asian-inspired décor and an antique 100-year-old Chinese rug. The hand-knotted work of art took four people six to eight months to hand-knot, and features lanterns and flowers, both prominent themes in Chinese culture. Mrs. Starkey’s primary religion and spirituality book collection from around the world is located here, with a hand-crafted wooden diorama of a Chinese village. Everyone says they sleep deeply in Buddha’s place, offering its own private fireplace, desk, and comfy chair especially for inspired meditation or reading.

Two full beds; with a private bathroom