Certified Household/Estate Manager

I was born in a small town in the far Northern part of Namibia, Africa. I am the older of two children; my sister is four years younger. We were raised Christian and our values were enforced from a young age.  The greatest lesson we were taught is that when you give someone your word, you keep it. My father was the Vice Principal of a Technical College with mainly Oshiwambo students. My mother was the secretary to the Administrator of the region.

At age seven, we moved to Windhoek, the capitol of Namibia, where my father started his career in politics. Life changed dramatically for me. Since he was a public figure and in the spotlight constantly, we were taught proper etiquette and how to conduct ourselves at functions with our parents, both formal and informal.  We often had cabinet ministers and dignitaries in our home, and acting accordingly was expected at all times. I traveled the country with my father for public meetings and could stand my ground talking politics at age eleven. We attended numerous functions at the Major of Windhoek’s house as well as the Administrator General of Namibia’s State House.

I was raised in the city and worked on the family farm during vacations where I was taught to respect nature and life. Life on the farm was very informal, but with structure and schedules for everyday tasks that taught me a strong work ethic. I was taught multiple maintenance skills needed for the upkeep of the homestead and property and grounds including minor electrical work, plumbing and basic construction. Spending time on the farm afforded me the opportunity to learn how to hunt and fish alongside my father.

After school, I studied Business Management and pursued a career in the corporate world working for various prominent companies in positions which honed my administrative skills. During my time at these companies, I was promoted quickly into managerial roles and put in charge of large projects.  This included a large catering company where I was in charge of major functions and delivery to groups and organizations serving more than 50,000 people.  In this capacity, I was working with people in a variety of cultural backgrounds, honing my communication and time management skills, and gaining experience in the development of budgets and personnel.  Working in this environment, I developed a level of respect and admiration for service jobs and an understanding of how supporting and mentoring others can help my individual growth as well as the growth of the entire team.

My corporate work continued for a number of years, requiring me to further develop my business acumen.  I was responsible for developing strategies and business plans, setting key performance objectives, budgets, and implementing a variety of policies.  I had the unique opportunity to work with experts within the auto industry in this role, and many of the policies that I created and implemented became industry standards in Namibia.  My experience with automobiles was developed during this time as well.  As the Assistant to the President of the motor holdings company, I had a hands-on role in preparing used autos for resale.  This included maintenance, detailing, and aesthetic work.  I also negotiated contracts with vendors Personal Statement (continued):

and suppliers and maintained inventories.  My innovation was called upon on numerous occasions to increase the profitability of this department.

In 2004, I started my Tour/Safari business from nothing, doing tours in Southern African Countries. The business began through word of mouth referrals and networking.  Though I am often regarded as being soft-spoken, I take great pride in my ability to connect with others and this was evident in the growth of my business over just a few short years.  I had to negotiate rates and contracts with accommodation establishments and vendors, train tour guides and give premier service to my clients, ensuring that their every need and want was met. Most of my clients were high net worth families and catering to their individual needs and making a difference in their lives provided a great deal of satisfaction. I quickly established myself as one of the preferred tour companies for various travel agencies.  As the owner of a small company, I was responsible for the hiring, training, and mentorship of my staff.  I was also fully responsible for the maintenance, records, and general upkeep of all tour vehicles, including scheduling maintenance and negotiating contracts with vendors.

In 2012, I decided to make a life changing decision and move the United States. My experience in the Tour/Safari business opened my eyes to the niche market working for high profile families within the service industry and I wanted to focus my career more specifically on serving one family. Coming to the US afforded me the opportunity to better myself through an elite education and allowed me to gain experience to help me grow in both my skills and aspirations.  I honed my skills through Starkey International Institute as well as the certification program with Executive Security International.

I worked in a variety of positions in the Private Service industry, including being a licensed Chauffeur and being part of a security team for a high profile litigator in the Denver area. I have found that being of service in a variety of capacities has been a truly rewarding experience and that my training at Starkey International has allowed me to see that having a true service heart is what enables me to perform above and beyond the expectations of my Principals. I have learned to be supportive and flexible in working with others and being an asset to their lives.  I understand the meaning of hard work and take great satisfaction in providing a very high level of service to those I support.

My strengths include being highly structured and task driven, the ability to remain calm under pressure, an eye for detail, and a flexible management style utilizing strategic problem solving skills. I am grounded, calm, and gracious with a very methodical approach to my work.  I have been exposed to people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds and this has given me knowledge and perspective and made me extremely respectful of people from all walks of life.  I am innovative and entrepreneurial with good business sense and a global perspective.  I enjoy implementing my diverse knowledge and experience in the world of Private Service.

My top four Service Standards are Administration, Housekeeping, Maintenance and Safety & Security.

Administration – I have experience managing and developing household budgets as well as managing staff and personal schedules. I know how to negotiate service rates with vendors and can monitor budgets set for maintenance and renovations. My ability to maintain and organize records, keep up on inventories and my technology skills will keep the household running like clockwork.  I have the ability to manage a family office, staff and personnel.  This includes financial aspects of philanthropic and political contributions as well as personal and social calendar management and implementation.  I have good time management skills and am able to support the Principal and/or businessI have expertise in the correspondence and facilitation of meetings with political leaders and other high profile people.  I am proficient in the use of Microsoft Office, social media and smart home systems.

Housekeeping – I am very detail-oriented when it comes to cleaning and having everything in its place. I grew up in a household that had very high standards, especially regarding cleanliness. I have developed and managed cleaning services – interviewing and identifying reputable services, managing invoicing and payments, and scheduling activities so that they don’t interfere with the Principal’s schedule.  I have knowledge and experience in taking care of high end art work and other collectables.  I have educated staff on housekeeping standards and can zone a home for cleaning as well as creating customized task sheets.  I am knowledgeable of specific cleaning products and proper care of the interior of the house.

Maintenance – I am competent in all the basic maintenance skills needed for the upkeep of the home and property including minor electrical, plumbing, basic construction, laying tiles and the like. I have the knowledge of planning and construction of both new homes and home improvements. This comes from my experience in developing design and implementing construction of several homes while living in Africa.  I know how to perform preventive maintenance to ensure that small problems do not become major crises.  I have supervised and trained household staff on the upkeep of the property, both indoors and outdoors. I am comfortable working with staff to prepare homes for the Principal’s arrival. I am skilled at being able to foresee challenges and implement strategies to solve problems before the occur.  I am continually thinking about what needs to happen not just today and tomorrow but 6 months and 1 year down the road.

Security & Safety – My training and experience in Executive Protection allows me to keep my Principals safe on a domestic and international level. I know how to respond to emergency situations and can provide a level of support that will bring a sense of comfort and ease both in the home and while traveling.  I am vigilant in my work and continually take in information to be adaptable in all situations.  I support the development and implementation of up to the minute travel itineraries – making recommendations and changes as needed.

Technical Skill Synopsis:


  • Experienced in staffing, interviewing and training staff
  • Do reference and background checks
  • Creation of budgets & accounting for the household
  • Administrative Management of Foundation work (contributions to philanthropic organizations, political contributions, etc.)
  • Comfortable with vendors, negotiating rates, getting references, management of vendors
  • Coordination with family office and extended family members for the proper care and support of Principal
  • Computer literate; Internet, Google, e-mail, apps
  • Filing household documentation in chronological order
  • Inventory & purchasing of cleaning materials
  • Trained in the Starkey Household Management System
  • Able to keep detailed maintenance records & warranties of equipment
  • Concierge support, making reservations, developing itineraries
  • Management and maintenance of family office


  • Able to zone a house & create customized task sheets for cleaning
  • Creates cleaning schedules when a specific area of use needs to be cleaned
  • Adept at scheduling cleaning activities so that they don’t interfere with the principals schedule
  • Able to train staff  how to clean and the method and tools to be used
  • Knowledge of fine art and collectibles


  • Able to do basic food preparation, preparing salads and meat courses including fish dishes
  • Knowledgeable of food safety standards
  • Certified Level 1 Sommelier
  • Able to follow recipes
  • Ability to adapt and develop meals to meet dietary requirements and preferences
  • Continue to grow my culinary skills through technical courses at culinary school in Denver including wine pairing, development of meals and plating

Clothing & Valet:

  • Knowledge of shoe polishing, leather care, spot removal, laundry, and ironing
  • Capable of closet organization and seasonal rotation of wardrobe
  • Packing and unpacking for business and leisure travel
  • Support of Principal’s travel requirements – understanding and foreseeing needs during travel
  • Working with Principal’s personal shopper for latest trends and fashion
  • Knowledge of storage and maintenance requirements for high end clothing


  • Event and menu coordination using the Starkey Event Planner and incorporating flavor profiles and preferences
  • Management of catering staff for large events
  • Planning of events: exotic destination wedding planning and receptions
  • Trained in American plated, French, Russian and English styles of serving
  • Formal dinner service and setup (coordination and training of staff and outside personnel)

Grounds & Property:

  • Basic property maintenance and upkeep
  • Pool and pool house upkeep
  • Lighting: replace bulbs general upkeep
  • Replacement and maintenance of Principal’s vehicles including servicing, cleaning and performing minor repairs and oil changes for daily use and recreational vehicles
  • Irrigation system maintenance and layout of the system
  • Jacuzzi upkeep and cleaning of filters, testing water pH level of the Jacuzzi
  • Lawn & garden care, feeding procedures for lawns and flower beds based on the season
  • Fence repair upkeep and fixing of fences
  • General Ranch maintenance and management


  • Capable of managing and supervising support vendors
  • Can create a catalogue of warranties, manuals and how to care system
  • Can develop and implement a maintenance management system
  • Care of  large appliances
  • Knowledgeable of maintenance standards of home / estate
  • Basic estate or household maintenance including minor repairs for plumbing, HVAC, and electrical
  • Experienced in the building and/or remodeling of multiple homes including budgets and vendor management

Security & Safety:

  • Certified protection specialist, bodyguard
  • Knowledgeable of audio/visual systems and gates
  • Trained chauffeur; etiquette and emergency responses to situations
  • Police / Fire Department relationships
  • Able to set-up a safe room in the residence with all amenities to live in the space for a long period of time
  • Disaster Management; trained by FEMA to manage natural disaster sites
  • CPR  and Defibrillator Certified
  • Self Defense Certified Through Executive Protection Training
  • Weapons handling: Certified through Executive Protection Training
  • Fire Extinguishers trained by FEMA
  • Can prepare an overall Security Plan for an Estate, identifying areas of concern and procedures for all Security staff
  • Trained in protective evasive driving

Transportation & Travel:

  • Keep detailed records of licensing, insurance and registration documents
  • Adept at keeping track of auto maintenance and detailing schedules
  • Experienced in making travel arrangements, Airport Pick-up preferences
  • Chauffeur experience for Principal and guests
  • Familiar with recreation and other sport vehicles
  • Guiding Southern Africa Safaris

    Personal Care:

    Child Care:

    • School activities, driving children to and from activities
    • Comfortable with school age children

    Guest care:

    • Daily schedule and arranging itineraries for visiting guests
    • Concierge support
    • High Profile, entourage
    • Security standards, receiving mail on behalf of guests, chauffeuring guests to and from airports and functions

    Pet Care:

    • Discipline and basic training of dogs
    • Comfortable with daily activities, walking, feeding
    • Overnight pet care and coordination of pet services including grooming, vet, and trainer