Starkey International Institute was featured on ABC’s primetime program, 20/20, on Wednesday, September 10th. This 20/20 episode entitled “They’re Not Like Us” gave a glimpse of how fame, wealth, and looks set some people apart in society. A portion of the transcript from the show is located below.

But for the well-to-do, there’s no hassle like day-to-day life — fraught as it is with vast domestic responsibilities they cannot manage alone.

That’s why Mary Starkey’s school is the answer to a plutocrat’s prayers.
Since 1981, Starkey has run Starkey and opened Starkey International Institute for Household Management in Denver, where an eight-week program teaches students to become “HMs” — household managers.

But in keeping with the preferences of the estimated 2 million households that need staff, these students aren’t stuffed shirts in the British butler mold.

Starkey likes to pair her graduates with the ideal household, where they can earn up to $200,000.
So that they can someday instruct their own staffs, they learn fine food, fine wine and flower arranging; management software and security techniques; how to oversee an estate; and how to serve a formal dinner party.

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