Certifications: Household and Estate Manager at Starkey International Institute

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Household Management Program

Certifications: Household and Estate ManagerStarkey’s traditional Household Management Program for entry-level Household Managers is a 360-hour, eight-week course that focuses on the psychology and management of private homes.  Starkey’s Service Management System is taught and sets the stage for an overall understanding of Private Service. This course covers in-depth Household  Management, Service Leadership, the Relationship of Service, personality characteristics, service style, service terminology, and the technical and resource skills in 10 category areas including Administrative Management of Service, Private Service Culinary, Clothing and Valet, Housekeeping, Event Planning and Entertaining.
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Starkey’s Estate Managers’ Program

Certifications: Household and Estate ManagerStarkey’s Estate Managers’ Program is the above course accelerated to be a 255 hour, four-week course for those persons experienced in service including Estate Managers, Hotel Managers, Food and Beverage Managers and Culinary Chefs. Starkey’s Service Management System, Service Terminology & Management Tools, and HQ Software are taught.

The student learns the mind and leadership required to succeed in Private Service Management including the essential Management Tools. It teaches how to identify Service Expectations, put them into a customized system and how to deliver those expectations. Each student also identifies their own unique style of Service in our Relationship of Service Course. A series of evaluators teach students to understand the correct style of service or hospitality position for them.

Our Private Service HR course is taught, working with Family Offices, and the Management of Multiple Homes and an in-depth course on Entertaining, Wine Cellar Management, overall Vendor Management and working with Private Estate Security. There is no culinary instruction provided in this accelerated course.

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Certified Private Service Wine & Sommelier Course

Certifications: Household and Estate ManagerThe Certified Private Service Wine & Sommelier Course is taught along with Cigars,Transportation and Travel and other Concierges Guest services; Personal Service as it applies to Elders, Children, and Pets, and knowledge of Luxury Products, Security Services, Property and Grounds, Maintenance, and Smart Home Care training are all conducted at our 13,000 sq. ft. private estate. Household Management program is also appropriate for Personnel Assistants working in private homes.

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Service Management “Systems” Program

Certifications: Household and Estate ManagerStarkey’s Service Management “Systems” Program presents our patented Service Management System, our capstone Household Management tools and software. It is a 40-hour, five-day course taught at the Starkey Institute for Starkey Graduates who are working in Private Service. It is considered continuing education for our Graduates as it brings the newest management tools available to their skill set.  Our process for customizing an overall Service Management Plan, Starkey’s Service Language for identifying Service Expectations, and for delivering a very high Standard of Service are all detailed in this course. It includes all of Starkey’s Management Tools for Private Service, Standards Matrix, Technical Skills Qualifier, Day in the Life, Ten Service Standard Categories, Service Matrix and more. The System, part of the above courses, is also taught with our HQ Service Management Software as a Correspondence Course.

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