This new economy has created many new challenges for all people – businesses, working people, and students alike.  Many of the traditional lending sources have limited access to funding once easily obtained.  Sallie Mae Financial, a traditional education lending source, cut 3,000 Private Career Schools from their programs in the  Spring 2009.  The majority of which were in good standing but had a smaller population than the larger state or community colleges.

Starkey International Institute has taken the lead and has been seeking alternate sources of financing  for students desiring to attend one of our premier courses in Certified Household Management.   Keep in mind that home equity loans, personal lines of credit and your stock portfolio are still excellent cash resources already at your disposal.

In addition, Starkey has setup a relationship with American General Financial Services in Denver, Colorado for those who would qualify for a personal loan.    A down payment will be required and the interest rate starts at 17%.   You would apply directly with the lender and they can send your tuition funds directly to Starkey International.

Additionally, it used to be that only persons who have an employer sponsor, a family member or an association with a Credit Union could seek membership with a credit union.  This is no longer the case.  Many credit unions across the country are now allowing membership with a small contribution (many times $5) to a sponsored organization which is deposited into a savings account you own.  You may apply online for loans at very reasonable interest rates – some as low as 10%.  If approved you will need to visit the credit union to sign signature cards and receive your loan funds to deliver to Starkey International.

These are just a few of the additional resources that Starkey has been able to identify for potential students to access.  As we discover other resources we will be sure to notify you.  If you find a resource we would love hearing from you too. 

As our world and economy changes, your education is more important than ever.  We at Starkey International look forward to speaking with you soon.