Greetings! I’m Mary Louise Starkey and I’m Xavier Medicine the Director of Education here and here’s our little puppy yeah his name is Timmy everybody loves Timmy there we go to school so we are here today to take a brief moment of your time to tell you about our Advanced household Management program it’s an excellent top of the line there’s nothing else like it anywhere let’s talk about the course well week one is All About Management tools we call it the Starkey service management system and you have 11 management Tools in this in this in this in this course and those are very important for you to understand and have a helicopter view of your house as well as the detail yeah no detail and the crisis mode you want to avoid at all time by knowing what’s going on in your home using those management tools you’ll know everything you know the most important thing that I see happening during classes is people learn to think like a household or a state manager there is a there is a transformation that takes place people are excited and they’re totally engrossed Mr menacing is a hell of a teacher otherwise he wouldn’t be here people love him why because he has all of the stories all the experiences in America as well as throughout Europe and the Middle East there is nothing that he hasn’t experienced that you can ask and get an answer from him so during the four weeks first week is management tools well you need to understand the process of managing a home setting up a service management system you need to understand the vision of service from your principal their lifestyle goals what else do they need to know uh from about the client their particular standards standards or 10 standards the ten standards of service are the hot it’s like you have a buddy the no heart if you don’t understand the 10th standard Administration housekeeping culinary grounds and property concept management uh vendors management Day in the Life Day in the Life one of the most important of the management tools is called day in the life it will save you honest to God if your position isn’t working first question I say are you doing your day in the life this is uh this is you get I get a note from you I say that’s the reason it’s not working no day no life then you’re not a manager you’re on crisis mode you need to understand that writing reports on a daily basis to your principles making them aware of what’s going on in their house not only makes them more comfortable about your style of management but make them come home happily knowing that things are taken care of okay week two week two housekeeping I want to start this off by saying no one knows as much about cleaning as Mr medicine does I gotta tell you he’s had the experience of being in the fussiest homes all over the world oh yes he knows his house cleaning oh yes and the type of surfaces you have so many different types of surfaces you just can can do a little bit of dusting a little bit of cleaning every surfaces need to be be careful and you need to learn about that and week three oh week three it’s all about entertaining formal dinner and formal dinner event management event management cocktails you love service table settings everything you need to know to create entertaining events at the lower level and at the highest well we’ll teach you the highest level possible so that you can bring it down to a few Notch depending on what kind of events you have we will actually do a formal dinner and I’m here to tell you it’s the same thing we’ve been doing formal dinner you have been doing for more dinner for 43 years no no 30. just 30 just 30 before that we didn’t do it anyway since 1994. 94. so you count that you count the years and we had everybody in our table dignitaries and regular peoples and they all enjoy it’s a really nice way of for the students to learn about what it is to serve and if your client likes to entertain let them entertain correctly yeah you will understand what to say what to say to your employer about how to run a formal table Yvonne I am I love it and the last week oh the last week is uh your um additional statements relationship of service you you teach this one I teach your first three weeks I have important gifts you bring to your employers table where you want to work what kind of people you want to work for what does your day in the life look like what are you doing all day you know you have to be every bit as happy as your employer so that’s what we do in week four it’s a transformational experience you won’t forget well you will learn how to make a difference you see when you work for someone in particular in this in this Industries it’s a it’s like no other industry you live and and breathe in the homes of someone and you know more about them than the children and their parents know about them so what you want is a family that is gonna love you you’re gonna love them it’s all about win-win it’s not about being a servant it’s not about saying yes sir we’re going to teach you not to say yes sir but instead to bring your love of sir we’re also going to teach that that the client isn’t always right okay but rather they have a right to ask for what they want so if a client is asking you he has a right to ask you whatever he wants he spend you you have to be able to say Sir if I do that this is what will happen is this your intentions so you will learn a lot of tricks of how to bring yourself up to the level where your principal look at you as an asset okay let’s go back to the beginning let’s go back you know 40 some years ago I had to create a language the industry only had a little cooking and a little cleaning and so when the first words I came up with and I had a dictionary is household manager and the reason I did is to invite both men and women into the industry so that it was something that works on the American Stage Butler’s in America typically work in hotels a few places might have a butler not enough to uphold a a industry in Butlers in the United States they won household managers it’s not as stuffy it is not as intimidating so the very first thing we did is household manager now we have over a hundred words that help you position you in your home as a knowledgeable professional language is everything you everybody has a language lawyers doctors militaries police they all have a language and you need to have a language so people can look at you and say she is adept in their language we want you back into the course we want you to come we want to be have you part of our family and trust me I take care of my graduates you might have seen in the um uh social media kinds of things we’ve been doing recently that we seek Starkey certified household managers yes clients I place my graduates clients clients are tired of getting resumes from agencies we do not throw resumes you will create your profile okay and I will help your client make the decisions over hiring you and what what they’re going to pay you I’m a tough old bird and you know people love me or hate me but I make a difference I go after it for you so thank you for being willing to listen to us this is our first podcast we will be back we hope you come to our class in January see you then.