It has been Mary Starkey’s and Starkey International’s 30-year mission to develop a world-recognized service profession in which service is viewed as an art form with its own career path and is seen as an expertise! Starkey International has demonstrated its vision by positioning Starkey services and products to uniquely serve the growing luxury marketplace. Starkey International has made meeting the expectations of the Luxury Employer its first objective. Our educational training and services place specialized professionals into the service industry. These professionals have been trained to identify and organize Service Expectations and to understand the business of Service Management.

In response to employers’ requests for a superior household management service, Starkey International developed a unique Service Management System for identifying and managing Private Service Expectations in 1994. Until then, the accepted training for household service provided only basic technical skills.

Starkey Service Management ModelThe Starkey System:

• Identifies specific Service Expectations.
• Introduces functional Service Management Terminology.
• Provides essential Service Management Tools for Managing Service Expectations.
• Organizes and upholds unique Service Standards and Expectations on a Daily Basis.
• Customizes an overall Service Management Plan.

In 1997, Mary Starkey registered a patent for the Starkey Service Management System. This system is an interactive communication model that is specifically designed to customize service delivery. No longer will service expectations be left to guessing and on crisis-mode. The Starkey System adapts to any Family or Service Environment and to all Service Expectations.

The Starkey Service Management System was patented in 1997. (Patent No. US 6,745,200 B2)

No other management system of its kind is registered for the service profession. The Certified Household Management Programs, the Certified Personal Assistant Management Program, and the Service Management System seminars teach this unique Starkey Service Management System.

Since its inception, Starkey International has been committed to excellence, industry seasoned instructors and a proven in-depth curriculum. The Institute has invested in researching, writing, and developing curricula and comprehensive texts and training support manuals. The initial authors were a group of veteran Employers, Estate Managers, Butlers, Personal Assistants, HR professionals, and Entertaining and Wine Experts from around the world. Each contributor has an understanding of the specific needs and special nuances of the American marketplace. In recent years, Mrs. Mary Louise Starkey has become recognized as the national spokesperson for “Service as an Expertise.”

Starkey Private ServiceIn addition, there is no other program in the world that utilizes our unique, patented Starkey Service Management System for Private Service and “hands-on” approach to private service education. All of our programs provide an understanding of Service Management, Technical Skills, and the Personal Service necessary for the high-end positions in fine homes throughout the country and abroad.

Perhaps more significantly, through personal development and professional etiquette training, the Institute provides a foundation for the student to develop the self-esteem and the confidence necessary for success.

Starkey International Institute is housed in a 13,000 square foot historic mansion which serves as a demonstration household. Each curricular offering is conducted as though the students were actual Household or Estate Managers presiding over a residence and performing the daily management and technical tasks that those in Private Service will need to know.

Starkey International has earned national leadership in “Setting Standards in Private Service Management.” While specific placement cannot be guaranteed, Starkey International places its Certified Graduates in homes, estates, private service hotels, high-end residential communities, and other hospitality venues all over the world.

There is invariably a waiting list for Starkey International Graduates. Certified Household Managers & Personal Assistants can expect salaries from $50,000 to $130,000 plus housing and benefits. Estate Managers begin at $80,000 plus.