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SS0092 – Certified Estate Manager
Will go anywhere for the right position

Graduate SS0092 was raised in the Midwest but has spent many years working on the East Coast. With nearly 10 years of experience managing Estates, he has a sophisticated understanding of households. He is a true “Go To” person for any situation that may arise with top notch people management skills. Noted for being highly adaptable with excellent cooking skills and an eye for detail both inside and outside the home.

Top Standards: Administrative, Housekeeping, Culinary, Maintenance

CM0153 – Certified Estate Manager
Will go anywhere for the right position

With a Secret Service background serving Presidents and other diplomats, and an eye for detail, Graduate CM0153 is incredibly versatile and adaptable. Originally from upstate New York, he is now looking for long-term placement as an Estate Manager and is willing to relocate for the right position and family. He has experience managing staff and is highly adaptable. He is an excellent multi-tasker who knows how to put together a Service Management Plan. He is skilled in Calendar Management and Travel Logistics.

Top Standards: Administration, Housekeeping, Entertaining, Safety & Protection

NB0155 – Certified Estate Manager/Personal Chef
Prefers New York/Tristate area

With a seasoned background in Culinary and Management Skills, owning and operating a Personal Chef business in New Jersey, Graduate NB0155 is highly skilled as a Jewish Kosher Chef. She has experience in daily meal preparation, Entertaining, and specialty diets. She is very knowledgeable in Kosher diets and requirements for Kosher kitchens. She has an eye for detail and is currently looking for a family where she is able to make a difference.

Top Standards:Administration, Housekeeping, Culinary, and Entertaining

BM0157 – Certified Household Manager
Will go anywhere for the right position

Graduate BM0157 has been working in Private Service for more than 10 years. He is very hands-on and works well as part of a team or independently. He is currently looking for a long-term position where his varied skills can be fully utilized. His skills include Table Service, Entertaining, Personal Assistant duties, care of Clothing, and basic Maintenance with excellent Administrative abilities. He possesses a true Midwestern work ethic, which is apparent in his “get the job done” style.

Top Standards: Administrative, Housekeeping, Entertaining

VLR0157 – Family Attendant/Executive Housekeeper
Will go anywhere for the right position

Fluent in English & Spanish

With more than 26 years of experience working as a Nanny and Family Attendant, Graduate VLR0157 is currently seeking a long-term position with a family where she can work with children, support/manage fine Housekeeping, and uphold the overall structure within a home. She is reliable, responsible, and very adaptable in all situations. Her background has also included vendor management and basic cooking within the home.

Top Standards: Personal Care (children), Housekeeping, and Administration

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A Rewarding Career in Private Service Management through Starkey International Institute

Estate ManagementWould you enjoy managing others to serve the wealthy? Consider a career in Private Service Management through Starkey International Institute.

The Starkey International Institute is celebrating its 35th year in certifying and placing qualified individuals from all walks of life as a second or third career in the profession of Household and Estate Management to manage the homes and estates of the wealthy in the United States and worldwide. These can be personally and financially gratifying positions of which most professionals are unaware or don’t have access to. Salaries in general, not including housing or benefits, range from a low of $50,000 to well over $100,000 annually depending on one’s education and experience.

Furthermore we have financial assistance if needed to help each qualified person desiring to attend our world class, comprehensive certification programs designed to prepare him or her for his or her new career. We also have an experienced placement department dedicated to assisting each Starkey Certified Private Service Management Professional in acquiring full time employment thereafter.

If you are interested in learning more about this rewarding, yet little known, vocation please contact us!


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