Household Manager-Denver, Colo

Elder couple have set up a team of support staff so they are always covered. Couple travels a great deal, being supported by at least one of their staff, has multiple western homes.  Great position and benefits, live out.


Household Manager- San Antonio, Texas

Very busy growing young family (4) children seek the support of a smart, multitasker to manage their overall 8,000 sq ft, entertaining, child centered household. Excellent salary and benefits. Live out

Household Manager, Columbia, South Carolina Busy family, 2 school aged children, seek a Starkey Grad to manage their daily logistics and overall 10,000 sq ft rural home. Great position, excellent salary plus benefits. Condo provided.


Household Manager- Connecticut and South Fla.

Busy couple with grown children seek to change their life with making Florida their primary residence 4,000 sq ft.
They have 4 homes, Conn, Florida, and 2 in south Hampden. Lots of dogs in this family, and they love entertaining.  Excellent position and salary.


Estate Manager/ Asheville NC

Elder couple seeks a Starkey Grad, fully trust worthy professional to manage staff and grounds. 12,000 sq ft Excellent position.