Offering our Comprehensive Certified Household Management, and Certified Service Management Programs; Military Enlisted Aide Program, Wine and Sommelier Courses; Housekeeping, Clothing and Valet Program, Service Etiquette, Identifying Service Expectations, and Luxury Products Programs for Butlers, Concierge, and Senior Service; and our StarkeyHQ© Service Management & Software Program.

Private Service education has grown as the high-net-worth community has identified itself, particularly in the last 10 years. Terms and titles vary greatly according to location, environment, backgrounds and country.  However, all Private Services focus on “Service as an Expertise” with an emphasis on the provider being able to identify, prioritize, and satisfy unique service expectations, and service styles. With this in mind, Starkey’s hallmark curriculum all contain our patented and state-of-the-art Starkey Service Management System© especially designed for the Private Service Profession. Starkey International® offers Curricula for:

  • Household Management
  • Estate Management
  • Service Management System and StarkeyHQ© Software
  • Service Management
  • Butlers, Private Concierge, and Senior Service
  • Military Private Quarters
  • Housekeeping & Clothing, Entertaining & Sommelier
  • Nanny Management System

Programs are evaluated regularly to address the needs of an evolving service profession. Our “Restoring the Art®” Conference presents an annual industry-wide international Private Service Management event.

These unique programs provide practical learning in Daily Graces®, management techniques and technology, and Service Leadership. The Institute’s educators and product lecturer’s possess the thousands of hours of required experience, teaching expertise, and essential knowledge necessary to impart the knowledge effectively.