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Are morals and ethics societal based (rooted in society)?  Are values based on personal or cultural/societal influences?

Class 109 Replies:


  • It’s my opinion that morals, ethics, and values are all personally based.  How you are raised, trained or influenced.  Who were or are your mentors.  How you choose to live your life and your personal code of conduct.  That is what makes you who you are.  I don’t believe the one should let society dictate who you are.  Just sayin’…….
  • Yes ethics, morals and values shape us into who we are but some of these we freely adopt as our standards but still there are other rules that society imposes upon us based on what’s wrong or right. Although we have a free will to choose, we’ll be judged accordingly.
  • I think that some of this is is inherent in our nature but it is the nurture side that influences us personally with morals, ethics, and values. The choices that we make in life, our nuclear family influences, etc. Society can influence but it is your inner strength of character that determines what you will choose to believe in and act upon.

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