Starkey Employment AssistanceStarkey and Associates, Inc., the sister company to Starkey International, has set the standard in the Private Service Management placement industry since 1981. Assistance and placement information and ongoing placement opportunities are available at no cost to all alumni in good standing.

As a matter of professional ethics, Starkey International cannot and does not guarantee placement to any graduate, nor will Starkey solicit placement opportunities for Employer-sponsored or active military students.

Our Placement Department is committed to finding the right and rewarding employment opportunity for each Certified Graduate. Starkey’s “criteria” for placement is based on a mutual evaluation and matching process of the position requirements and Employer’s values, matched with the personal characteristics and technical skills of the Graduate.

A customized profile is created by the Placement Department for each Graduate for presentation to potential employers.

Within our Private Service Management Curriculum, actual class time is spent developing the student’s individual style of service through Starkey’s Service Management System and our successful Personal Statement exercise.

This process helps the student identify:

Starkey Student• Why they have Chosen Service
• What are their Values and Ethic
• Evaluation of their Individual Skills in Ten Service Standard areas
• Each student’s unique Style of Service
• The corresponding type of Service Management Position that is right for them.

Class time is spent in practicing interviews and providing appropriate suggestions in appearance and dress. Each student is videotaped for the purpose of fine-tuning interviewing skills and service expertise, and to learn Starkey’s process in obtaining service management employment.

Our Placement team uses the Starkey System to initiate interactive communication with Employers. We require specific information from our Employers to evaluate the appropriateness of their employment offer for our Graduates. An On-Site Visit is conducted by Starkey to develop a customized Service Management Plan that identifies appropriate staffing needs and position descriptions. A copy of Mrs. Starkey’s unique publication, Setting Household Standards, is provided to each Employer to assist the Employer in learning how to receive service. This service also helps them define their individual service expectations and determine what to expect from a Starkey Certified Graduate – all essential knowledge in making successful placements.