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picture8Starkey has worked with Family Offices for many years.  Starkey, now in our 36 year in service to the high-net worth have written articles for family office newsletters, have successfully placed Household and Estate Managers, and Private Chef’s for Principals, have developed customized curriculums for family offices teaching employees about how to work with wealth, speak their language, identify their household needs, consigere    services, gift buying and much more.  We have come on site to educate family office’s and household staff in a variety of technical skills in household and estate management, housekeeping, etiquette and protocol, wine cellar management, household entertaining, and in Private Chef culinary expertise.




We know family offices are of all levels of services with some serving one client and others with multiple clientele.  Learning to serve the high-net worth is an art form.  Starkey looks forward to serving you with quality education, and systemized sophisticated placement services.

What Our Home Office/ Family Office On-site Visits Provide:
Understanding Private Service!
Taking the Crisis Mode out of Service!

  • Guide Clients to meet their Unique Lifestyle Expectations
  • Support Employment of Educated and Qualified Staff
  • All Clients Utilize a Service Management System
  • Provide Tools, Resources, Software, and Publications
The Marketplace Challenge
  • Private Service is Not Understood!
  • No professional Standards, Titles, Position Descriptions or Unified Language for Communicating
  • Management Tools only recently Available
  • Backgrounds and References are often Evaluated on Who they Worked For with No Base Lines for Qualifications
  • Not enough Qualified Professionals to meet Industry Needs
Consulting and Advice
  • Risk Management Recommendations for Employers and Family Offices
  • Examples of Employer Service Standards and Industry Position Descriptions
  • Outlines for Daily Duties
  • Advice on Recruiting, Qualifying and Hiring for Private Homes
  • Standards for Interviewing, Compensation, and Employment Agreements
  • Recommendations on Managing Staff and Developing a Service Management Plan
Examples of Consulting and Advice
  • Introducing a Service Management Language and Organizational Tools
  • Employer Expectations
  • Qualify Service  Standards
  • Estimating Service Variables
  • Travel Risk Advice
  • Service Flow for Theft Prevention
  • Examples of a “Day in the Life”
  • Formal Table Settings
  • Care of Collectibles, Fine Art, and Expensive Cars



StarkeyEstateManagerPlacementStarkey’s Vision

To create a world-class, personal service industry in which Private Service and Private Service Management are seen as an art form; continuing education and growth are valued; and standards of professionalism are recognized, honored and fortified.


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