Starkey International has taken years to fine tune our approach to Housekeeping and Housekeeping Standards.  One of the basic requirements of setting up a  housekeeping system is that it must be successful in every environment and it must be to your standard!  The Secret is it must also be time oriented.  To accomplish this, we have developed baselines for each of our ten Standard Categories. Our housekeeping baseline is:

It takes 4 hours to clean 2,000 square feet to average standards.  A higher rate of Housekeeping Standards requires more time.

FOR EXAMPLE:  a 10,000 square foot home will require 20 hours per week to clean. (10,000 divided by 2,000 equals five, times 4 equals 20 hours) and then add in the variables below to the calculation and your number may be higher or lower.  You do the math!

Variables that will require a change in this standard may be many issues like:

Family lifestyle, Location (rural, city, beachfront, etc), Climate, Home activities, Number of children and pets, Number of house guests, Allergies and physical health of the family, members, or guests, Age and style of residence, Type and style of furnishings and floors, Style of culinary expectations and amount of cooking required, Amount and style of entertaining, Style and Number of collectibles, Smoking or non-smoking, Organization and clutter of the home, Current construction projects anywhere on property, Cleaning standard of the Principal.

*Excerpts from “The Original Guide to Private Service Management” by Mrs. Mary Louise Starkey