Certified Household Manager/Chef

With over 34 years of experience in private service, Mr. Henry Vela is a model example of long term commitment to his employers.

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, Mr. Vela’s parents worked as a professional domestic couple for most of their career. As a teenager, Mr. Vela was sent to study in Ecuador to fully embrace his family’s culture and language, along with his two brothers. After graduating high school there, Mr. Vela continued his education at the Catholic University through 1981. Returning to the United States in 1982, Mr. Vela took on his first private service position, working as a Houseman, following in his parents’ footsteps.

Henry’s most valued ethic is honesty as it makes him feel good, learned from his parents and his education. As a kid I loved playing in the kitchen with my mother, it was fun when I and all my brothers helped her cook. I first started cooking with a passion as a young adult, at the tender age of 24, I desired to impress in my new bride. Since my dad impressed upon me the importance of helping my mother with cooking and cleaning, I figured it was a good way to serve my wife as well. He really instilled in me this value for taking care of a home, viewing chores and work, and doing them with excellence, as an opportunity to show gratitude for what we have, and be good stewards of every little blessing.

In 1987, Mr. Vela married his wife, Eliza. “She is the best thing in my life,” emphasizes Mr. Vela. Working together for a young family in New Jersey, the Velas enhanced their love of family life, and when they chose to have their own two daughters, Ms. Vela was fortunate enough to stay at home with them. Valuing education, the Velas have always enrolled their daughters in private schools. The importance of family and home, whether it is his own or his principals’, is the focus and heart of all of Mr. Vela’s efforts. Mrs. Vela currently works in the financial services.

An expert at managing vendors and staff, including overseeing home renovation projects, Mr. Vela strives to be adaptable to his principals. “It’s all about pleasing them,” states Mr. Vela. Reaching that goal is a matter of working as a team with his staff, watching over details and remaining tuned into the changing needs of the house. That also includes the changing needs of his principle: from performing housekeeping, to giving therapeutic massages to his elder clients.

Mr. Vela is also an excellent cook, specializing in low-fat and healthy meals. Able to create everything from authentic Chinese dishes to casual bar-be-ques, he also understands the appeal of simple dishes. As an administrator, he is experienced in managing staff and working with calendars. Mr. Vela’s wife and 2 adult daughters currently live in Denver. Communication is for me is best through texts and of course verbal.

Entertaining was also part of my career, I learned the importance of first impressions, and taking care of guests with a warm and welcoming greeting, casual conversation, providing food and drink, and making people feel at home. I had the opportunity to offer services from concierge, to chauffeuring, spa services, animal care, and companionship, as you find in high-end resorts and country clubs homes, anything that is needed. From airport pick-ups to setting up appointments for her guests.

I have learned the importance of personality, and connecting with people; to never to be confrontational, to listen, and to be calm; to respond rather than react, and to prioritize using wisdom, emotional intelligence, and maximizing my usefulness to others, thinking things through and not make assumptions or take things personally, and communicating effectively. I’m a hand’s on kind of manager, a “go to person” where nothing is too small or large for me to handle.

Mr. Vela embodies the dignity of service. His warm smile and expressive eyes are complimented by his neatly attired appearance and delightful demeanor. Intelligent, confident and well-spoken, Mr. Vela is able to quickly set anyone at ease. Looking for his next great challenge, Mr. Vela is open to positions across the country, prefers Colorado. “After all,” he explains, “this is all about the people first.”

My top Service Standards are: Administrative, Housekeeping, Entertaining and Clothing & Valet

1) Administrative
Supervise and oversee other staff members
Keeps records and manages daily, weekly, monthly, and annual schedules, vendors, budgets,

financial practices relating to groceries, car maintenance, landscaping, etc.

2) Housekeeping

  •   Scheduling, and overseeing proper methods and procedures for art, and collectibles, routine

    bedroom and laundry services, windows, curtains, linens, mirrors, and organizing contracting.

  •   Daily sanitizing and upkeep

  •   Making sure staff is cleaning the appropriate place at the appropriate time

    3) Culinary
    Food safety and contamination prevention procedures Maintaining clean counters, kitchen, and equipment Equipment maintenance
    Keeping in mind allergies of family and guests
    Keeping and balancing meal schedules
    Menu development
    Health, wellness, and nutrition awareness

    4) Clothing and valet
    Laundry schedules, dry cleaning services Ironing
    Preferred daytime/evening wear
    seasonal wear upkeep and services

    5) Entertaining
    Catering and party hosting management
    Record keeping of guests and attendance
    Overseeing, implementing entertaining protocols and supervising valet and staff

    Formal table setting, service (Russian vs plated) etc.
    Designing appropriate environment for the occasion
    Menu developments
    Silver, china, fine linen inventory
    Maintaining proper training of staff
    Scheduling and overseeing vendors

    6) Property and Grounds
    Inspection of front of house, back of house, fountains, pool, guest homes


  •  Tennis courts, spas, garages, gardens, landscaping, flowers, barns
  •   Managing and scheduling vendors
  •   Seasonal lawn care and holiday decor
  •   Irrigation

7) Maintenance
Systems in place for preventative maintenance
Scheduling, developing manual, phone lists for vendors- Routine checks for light bulbs, front

porch, thermostat/temperature control, boiler rooms, garage, landscape lighting, security,

plumbing, HVAC, general upkeep, etc.
Maintain vehicles, scheduled maintenance and services, preparations for travel

8) Transportation and travel
Record of numbers of vehicles, routine detailing, washes, gas
Record keeping for preferred travel agents
Overseeing drivers, valet service, making sure they are debriefed

9) Safety and Protection
Managing security team and privacy
Keeping an eye on employer at all times
Fire protection and alarm system maintenance and routine checks Confidentiality/ Non-disclosure agreements

10) Personal Care
Special amenities, wake up care, evening tear downs, preferred communication etiquette
Maintaining greeting protocols, and privacy preferences
Records of medications and allergies
Designate staff for guest care services
Child and elder care management
Scheduling doctors appointments, medication reminders, making sure walkers and ramps are maintained and available.