Certified Household/Estate Manager

I was born and raised in Nicaragua, Central America. I am the third child of 7; my two older brothers were separated from our family when I was 10. Ever since, I took the role of the oldest child. I grew up Catholic and attended Catholic School. My parents always taught us the importance of values, moral and ethics. They constantly told us to do the right thing and be responsible of our actions. The value of integrity is an inherent part of who I am.

My Grandfather was an elementary school teacher, my grandmother was a homemaker. My Father was a teacher too and my mother was a nurse. My mom is a wonderful woman, she always worked hard. My parents are still alive relatively healthy. We grew up in a small home, in a middle of a Civil War, that last 10 years, where the communist system was established. From young age I learned to do everything in the house, cook, clean, laundry, childcare, manage my family household budget. My parents were always working a lot, I knew I had to step in and help. I took full charge of running my home, from parenting my siblings, shopping groceries, paying the bills, and attending the parent school meeting of my young brothers and sisters. These experiences of life have taught me to be responsible, work hard for those I love, be a role model and make decision; and to earn what I have. My philosophy is that we are responsible for ourselves and our family, not the Government, not the Church, not the civil society, only we are.

In 2004, I was forced to come to this Magnificent Country, because the financial situation of my family. The first work I found was housekeeping, and the little I did know, I found myself on the Services Path. I enjoy what I do! I feel great pleasure in giving and serving. Serving has been part of my life, my journey.

I. I place a high value on professional and personal growth. I am a hard worker, have a strong sense of professionalism, integrity, responsibility, excellence, and am a self-starter. I can work independently as well as be part of a team. My main goal in each position is fulfil my Principal’s needs, uphold their standards and their lifestyle. While in the past I have primarily lived in the south, and in my home county of Nicaragua, I prefer an environment where I am able to experience the four seasons. I find myself no longer wanting the intense heat of the South or Florida. I am single, never married, no children or pets. I love reading and enjoy my own company. I appreciate you taking time to review my credentials and I recently graduated from Starkey International Institute with a Certificate in Advanced Household Management. As part of my professional growth, I am honoured to pursue a career as a Household Manager. Although I have never held before a formal title position of Household Manager, I have performed all of the duties and upheld the responsibilities. I have 4 years as an Assistant Manager, 15 years as a Housekeeper of fine homes, working in Bal
Harbour, Wellington, and West Palm Beach, F would like to thank you for your consideration.

Administrative: Through my formal education and experience in the field, I have gained administrative skill. I have learned that be organized, planning your job or activities, or a simple to do list, effective communication with your employer or co-workers, Teamwork, problem solving skill, self-direction, costumer services, work ethic, sense of urgency, responsibility to complete the job on time and in quality manner, are crucial skills to have a home running smoothly and efficiently. Without this skill you cannot have a home running successfully. Even in my personal life I applied these principles, I cannot live without a Planner (agenda). I am the oldest child. My parent always pushed me harder and had high expectations from me. As the oldest child, you learn a sense of responsibility and leadership to protect your siblings and be an example for them.  Since a young age I always had big responsibilities to manage my parent house and to be involved in raising my brothers’ sisters. I discovered I liked being in charge, directing, delegating, searching for solutions, negotiating, and communicating etc. My formal education and my work experience have polished these talents.

Housekeeping: In my personal and humble opinion, housekeeping tasks are the heart of all services in a home, because it creates a clean and organized environment. Since I was a little girl, I always liked to clean and organize. I think it makes one’s life easier. Since a came to this country I have been working and cleaning in houses, and later managing one house. There is a psychological study that proves that a cleaning and organized environment changes the mood in a person. It is always important to have in mind that everyone has their own different concepts of cleaning. Since I was little, I enjoy cleaning and organizing. I was always taking the initiative to clean and organize my parents’ house, without them asking me. And working for all these families and houses, through all this year I have learned more about the art of high-end housekeeping. The way you clean a 35,000 home is totally different from the way you clean a 12,000 sq. ft. home.

Clothing: Cloth is an important part of your personal image, how you dress or present yourself, could define your personality. There is a famous phrase: People will judge you for how you dress and how you present yourself. I love clothes, shoes, the casual, the classic, elegant, simple, not too much with the trendy. Through all this time working for different families, I have learned a lot about clothing, fine fabrics, and designers. How to take care of them, from washing, hand washing, spot treatment, and meticulous organization of closets. I always had a strong interest for clothing, shoes, garments and accessories, hats, belts, scarfs, and fashion etc. My Mom always said that I must match my shoes, and belts with my handbags, and I always must look presentable. She taught me how to do simple mending, sewing buttons, etc. Of course, my workplace has been a true school and lab to perfecting my clothing skills. protect your siblings and be an example for them. Since young age I always had big

Technical Skill Synopsis:


  • Able to set up a customized Service Management Plan
  • Familiar with the use of PC, word, excel
  • Organizing and Planning the daily activities
  • Planning the weekly schedules
  • Communicating and reporting
  • Filing and document all receipts and invoices
  • Managing and communicating with vendor
  • Answering phone and taking massage
  • Creating task sheets for the staff
  • Delegating and supervising staff


  • Zoning or designating areas for weekly cleaning, a customized Plan
  • Clean and organize through the entire house
  • Care of antiques, and art
  • Able to clean different surfaces: Natural stone, marble, lime stone, onyx, wood, fine rugs,

    wool and silk rugs

  • Able to clean and polish fine metal: Silver, copper, brass
  • Able to care of shoes and leathers items
  • Bed-making and turn down service


  • Able to cook vegan food, and keto diet
  • Comfortable to make simple meals
  • Able to fallow recipes
  • Grill chicken
  • Able to roast and steam vegetables
  • Able to make gluten free bread
  • Able to cook vegan food from scratch
  • Able to make vegan soups
  • Enjoy coking Healthy whole food

    Clothing & Valet

  • Understand how to care for the different types of fabrics
  • Laundering and Ironing clothes
  • Folding and ironing sheets
  • Able to treat stains.
  • Rotation of clothing for seasonal storage.
  • Able to organize closets.
  • Able to pack and unpack.
  • I have personal interest in clothing and fashion.


  • Comfortable in setting up an entertainment plan
  • Able to set a Formal table
  • Able to make simple flower arrangements
  • Able to serve at formal and casual table
  • Able to care fine china, crystal and silver and linens

    Property & Grounds

  • Able to maintain outdoor structures/facilities
  • Able to set right temperatures for pool and Jacuzzi
  •   Able to control the outdoor sound system


  • Able to manage Smart Home System
  • Able to change light bulbs and AC filters
  • Able to keep a log and schedule regular preventive maintenance services
  • Able to keep all vendor information accessible

    Travel & Transportation

  • Comfortable driving the family
  • Coordinate maintenance of vehicle and services

    Security & Protection

  • CPR certified
  • Performed security check through the home.

    Personal Care:


  • Experience caring for children ages new born to teens
  • Understand children and their needs
  • Potty training


  • Able to care for guests with the same standards of Principals
  • Experience working in home with frequent Guests.
  • Guest management knowledge (Guest Profile, likes, dislikes, tourism services)

Concierge services offered


  • Able to feed and care for pets
  • Supervise medical care
  • Management of pet allergensElder
  • Feel comfortable caring for elders
  • Natural compassion for elders
  • Comfortable providing medication to elders
  • Able assisting with essential hygiene and basic daily functions