Part 1

I have been placing Private Service professionals for nearly 40 years.
Early on, I placed those who came to me who were in the profession, but not my Graduates.
I quickly learned why the Starkey training creates real and effective Household and Estate Managers.
I now only place my trained Graduates, both new and highly experienced returning Graduates.

Our training teaches our Grads how to “think” like a Household Manager.
How to quickly learn an Employer’s Service Standards and Household patterns.
How to immediately be on the Employer’s Agenda. It provides proven and patented Management
Tools for effectively becoming a hands-on Manager of staff in a private home.

Our placement technique is a proven process to match a number of essential aspects to create long-term relationships. We consider the morals, values, ethics, background, religion, cultural practices, location, and expected technical abilities of a Graduate.
It goes miles beyond a resume.

Our placements typically last many years.

Today’s Employers need ethical support and real sharing of knowledge as to how this profession succeeds.

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Part 2

In our highly successful placement strategy….

We match 
Service Visions, Family Trees, Morals, Values, Locations, Technical skills and Service means to Graduates and Employers.
But how do we get this information?

We’ve learned Placements do not last when not properly positioned to succeed. The priority for most Graduates and Employers is to find the right position and select the right Employee. This is how we do it!

Our Personal Statement Correspondence Program literally helps the student identify their perfect position.

We work with our Graduates holding their hand to help them identify who they are, what they bring to an employers table, what’s important to the Student in a position… it’s all about their Service Vision!

We support our Employers by helping them develop their Service Vision, what Systems are required for Housekeepers to succeed, what a Day in the Life of a Household Manager should look like, salary estimations and offer templates for hiring.

It’s a sophisticated but essential process that leads the Graduate and the Employer to long term success.

The days of looking at multiple resumes are over. You really don’t know who that candidate is or what they really know by just reviewing a resume.

Private service requires the matching of not only skill but who they really are. How they view the world. Whether or not they have a Service Heart.

Fine-tuned over three decades, our patented Household Management System Correspondence Program teaches students real management tools and how to think like a Household Manager.

Our wholly unique Personal Statement Correspondence Program helps the Employer and the Graduate identify the perfect match!

It’s the best of the best. Guaranteed to bring about success!

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Call me to be matched with one of our Certified Household or Estate Managers. 720-788-3398