Starkey just hired a writer to help edit Mrs. Starkey’s new publication of the more outrageous and memorable formal dinners here at the mansion…oops, we don’t have a name yet. I started writing it in 2017 as I began sorting through old Starkey files. I have pictures, memorabilia and vivid memories that won’t go away. Does anyone remember why we never serve chocolate mousse? How about the day-long table setting process, where we measured place settings with perfection? Dr. Lewan’s spectacular support and co-host position? I miss them! It’s coming!

Xavier Medecin, our Director of Education since 2018, is currently in classes with the United States Department of Veteran Affairs. Yes, our VA approval is alive and well for all our military students who continue to come for further education, as is our Satter Scholarship fund.  See Xavier’s bio.

Starkey hosted two classes in 2019, featuring our Systems Course and our Personal Statement Course. Both are Certification Courses and especially designed for those who are not recent Starkey Graduates or who are currently working in Private Service.  See our Course Information here.

The mansion remodel is almost done…I keep saying that and we find one more thing to add. We were going to do a little painting in November 2018. Guess we just kept going. Today, in addition to a new roof with down spouts, some of it is copper that the sun lights the neighborhood. Did I say we painted outside as well? We also have nine gorgeous bedrooms; all named for their essence. My favorite is the Casablanca room, though Timi’s Hideaway is darling. We have all new wonderful bathrooms; all floors are sanded and present beautiful old guard birch that one can no longer purchase, adorned with Jay Azari’s magnificent rugs, and a pool play room complete with a pool table for guests. We also put in a new irrigation system and our own plants, with our own Steve Smith’s help. What are left are windows installed in the back entrance porch where only screens used to exist, and we have now completed a workout/massage room. We’ve exposed two inner walls of brick and are putting in a wooden floor.

Courses 2019

Starkey Holds Summer and Fall Courses at the Starkey Mansion in Denver Colorado

July 22nd to August 3rd 2019

Certified Household Management Systems and Personal Statement Courses

RTA Reunion 2019


Calling All Starkey Graduates

What’s New at Starkey!

RTA Reunion & Starkey Mansion Restoration.
A Weekend Experience of Meeting Up With Old Friends and Making New Ones!
August 10th and 11th 2019 at the Starkey Mansion


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Busy 2019! Whats New At Starkey

2019 has certainly been a busy year so far, with the launch of our new online school just a couple months ago, offering 2 courses online through this very comprehensive online school system. Enabling students to study at their pace, and have lifetime access to their course. The school is backed up by live teachers to help them through their course. The courses are tailored for individuals with previous experience in the field of Service.

Additionally we have also begun a new chapter in the life of Starkey Mansion, With several projects running at once, from re-doing the floors, new paint on the walls, new windows through out, new roofing along with new treatments such as carpets and window treatments. In all its been a very busy year for me and the rest of the team. Xavier apart from teaching courses has been very  hands on with the updates to the mansion. I have been working with placement, handling the new decor and cooking for the whole work team!

More to come!

Mary Louise Starkey