Starkey Placement

Starkey began placing within the Private Service Profession in 1981.  Most placement agencies then, and still today, collect the resumes of potential candidates and randomly forward them to employer clientele seeking to hire.  Today everything has changed.  It was not until Starkey began to educate Household and Estate Managers in 1990 that we learned who a candidate has worked for is just a portion of the overall placement process.  The accountability of what a candidate really knows technically and their service style must be identified and communicated.  Further, most employers are new to service hiring and rarely understand what they are asking a potential staff member to accomplish.  Employers are frustrated, as our industry has not settled upon consistent titles, terms or position descriptions; nor does it have generally accepted practices.  Private Service continues to be new and somewhat unknown as a real profession.  As a result, Starkey focuses on placing our Graduates, whom we know, by understanding exactly what management and technical skills they bring to the employment table.  We also know their Service Management Style, which is essential knowledge in Private Service Placement.

Mrs. Starkey has created innovative techniques for qualifying and specifically placing her Graduates to support our high-net worth clientele.  She states, “Our Graduates are our life blood and our ability to place them in the right position – the first time – has become an art form.”  She and the placement team provide a variety of consulting services to our Employer Clients including our Site Visit Services, customizing the Employer’s Service Management Plan, and then matching the perfect Graduate to manage their household or service management team.  Starkey also provides on-going services which include helping our clients to identify their service standards, zoning and customizing task sheets, helping outline and negotiate appropriate employment offers and salaries, and offering assessments in risk management and other management support as needed.

Technical Skills

Starkey utilizes the specifics learned in the Personal Statement Exercise in our Technical Skills Qualifier and Service Matrix Management Tools provided to all of our Employer Clientele.  We take great pride in our sophisticated abilities in hand-choosing and match-making.

Finally, our Placement Division, Starkey & Associates, plays a vital role in the educational process of both our students and employer clientele.  We have spent 30 years in developing our high-end clientele and are diligent in hand-selecting and placing 90% of our Graduates.  We are highly motivated and expect to place our Graduates initially and then again as they return for re-placement as their skills grow and their employer’s lives change.  Our reputation on a world stage is very strong and renowned for our high quality brand.  Our Employers come to us to hire our Starkey Educated Graduates for whom we charge a placement fee.  However, we are known for our exceptional ability to make appropriate matches, as our Graduates typically stay with their initial employers for many years.