Flower ArrangementWe will make every effort to support you in obtaining the necessary funds to receive training for your career choice in Private Service Management. Each student should plan to put away at least three months’ living allowance to accommodate eight-week programs and at least two month’s allowance to accommodate four-week programs. Full curriculum tuition and Starkey residential on-site housing costs are due and payable 21 business days prior to the start date. When students reserve a place to live onsite at the Starkey Mansion, the fee for this housing is not refundable. Refund Policy for tuition is state-regulated and listed later in this catalog. 

There are three basic ways a student may pay for their educational expenses:

Self-Sponsored Tuition:

Students may pay their own tuition or in cooperation with lending or credit institutions. Financial Aid is available for students for Starkey training through a private lender. Please contact the Admissions Department for private lender information. Starkey International is a SLM Corporation approved Institution.

Employer-Sponsored Tuition:

Students currently employed in Private Service may have their tuition paid in full by their employer. In this case, Starkey International coordinates with the employer to pay special attention to a given expertise or technical skill within the curriculum.

Employer Tuition Reimbursement:

Some students may be eligible for employer tuition reimbursement benefits. Students should contact their work supervisor or human resources department to determine whether tuition reimbursement is available. Tuition reimbursement does not eliminate students’ responsibility to pay tuition before the start of each term.