Administrative -  Household ManagementThe Placement process has become quite sophisticated at Starkey International.  Typically, within the domestic industry, a number of candidate resumes are forwarded to a potential client presuming that they know what they are looking for; and that they know how to choose the most appropriate person for the position.  These resumes list who the candidate has worked for, a position title and generally what they did.  Unfortunately, our industry is still in its infancy and operates without a standardization of position titles, duties, accepted practices, or required education or certifications.

We have learned over the years that a good deal of resume interpretation must take place to learn what candidates’ real abilities are and what they actually know.   Starkey has created unique evaluation tools that help us to sort this out.

Understandably, our employers can be challenged when hiring.  Some employers have had private staff in the past and are looking to upgrade or replace.  Others are new to Private Service and do not know the degree to which Household Management positions vary, how to evaluate the position’s level of difficulty, essential abilities, or how education and experience might position a candidate’s understanding of the profession.  A Candidate’s skills, attitude, etiquette, boundaries and ability to customize a written Service Plan are essential.

When service, vendors, and duties have not been written down or systemized, and remain only in the heads of previous staff, that knowledge often leaves when they do.  The employer is left with the costly position of starting over! 

Starkey has several recruitment tools utilized to select the most ideal candidate for you and your position.  We begin by identifying basic information about you and your Vision for Service. 

We use our Standards Matrix which identifies your idea of service and your expectations using our Ten Service Standards.  We utilize ten Service Standard Categories that are present in every Service Environment to a greater or lesser degree.

Standards Matrix
Starkey Ten Service Standards are: 

  • Administration
  • Housekeeping
  • Culinary
  • Clothing
  • Entertaining
  • Property and Grounds
  • Maintenance
  • Transportation and Travel
  • Safety and Security
  • Personal Care, including Child, Elder, Guest, and Pet Care

Your answers are matched with our Technical Skills Qualifier which specifically identifies Candidate’s abilities, again in our ten Service Standard categories.  This specifically brings out what they have personally done in service!

We match-make your expectations with their real abilities, along with their personality, work and communication styles using Myers Briggs, Firo B, and TKI Conflict Resolution evaluation tools. 

The residential locations of the Principal and the Candidates are also reflected in their perspective Styles of Service, in addition to their work ethics, religion and other ethnic origins.  We also help you to create an expected Day in the Life with levels of responsibility and actual management expertise.

Interviews are done on the phone, on Skype or with other visual technology, and in person once one or two Candidates have been selected.  We often hand-pick those we feel are most appropriate for you!

Formal Offer Outlines & Examples of Privacy Agreements are provided for Employment Offers.

Follow-Up After Placement

Starkey also speaks regularly with you and your new staff member(s) during the probationary period to fully support you in those early days.  We will recommend additional Site Visits and Private Training where necessary, keeping you informed to maximize your Service to Succeed.

technical-skills-qualifierTechincal Skills Matrix