hello I’m Mary Louise Starkey and I’m Xavier medicine Director of Education Health stock Institute today we want to speak about placement I had so many positions so many clients coming to me today probably half of them I had heard from or placed before and their person had stayed five to ten twenty even 30 years and they’re back because they retired so I want you to know that I have taken placement at a level and grown myself and grown everybody that I place and grown my clients so that place it for me has become an art form it isn’t looking at a resume and say oh it’s an estate manager and throwing it off to a client I typically already know who they’re going to hire by the time I get done training my clients but I give them two options the one I know they’re going to hire and then one other individual so they can have a feel like there’s a choice going on and there is a choice so I take only my graduates because I know them they came to class I got to know their personalities I got to know how they think their backgrounds where they were born their all aspects of private service matchmaking and that’s what I do well your client also wants people who are graduated who knows the system it’s true they they don’t want people that are on crisis mode who have not been educated so that’s why they come to us so when I place somebody I find out where do you want to be what do you want to be doing all day you know eight to ten hours a day five day weeks you better be doing something you want to do uh and are happy doing secondly um there is a if you will well let me tell you in the old days it everyone used that intuition the development of the intuition to know the right person well that’s about 40 30 of it the rest of it is setting up if you will the right personality matches sixty percent personality 40 technical skill so if you think your technical skills gonna get you in my door for me to place you without going to school it’s not because that’s only 40 of the placement their estimate has to be who is the best person for me to be spending time with who is the best client for me to be working with I have a client right now in Indianapolis she’s a genuine soul a soft personality she can’t have the kind of person who say tough rule maker style of Personality she’ll get blown away it’s a fabulous position so it had to be the kind of person that’ll work with her with her other position ah I have a client who uh just came back after 30 years can you imagine 30 years the last person that worked for her when he was time for him to retire I was blown away she gave him a million dollars one million I don’t want a million dollars I you know it’s a it’s a relationship oriented oriented industry if you’re looking to just work around money don’t worry about the personality it’s the wrong industry for you so placement for me has become an art form and I not only find out this information from you I find out the same information from the client and matchmake if you’re Catholic you growed up you grew up with a culture if you’re Jewish you grew up with a culture if you’re muslin you grew up with a culture it’s got to be matchmaked it can’t a California La individual does not do well in the Midwest Midwest people have to think like a Midwest individual New York people have a certain stock you have to have lived in New York to succeed in a New York position and my list goes on after 43 years of placement I doubt anybody who takes it on like I do I make sure that whatever placement I position you in you can stay 5 10 20 years in that position should you want to many people who get placed with older people they stay until the end until the employer actually passes so new positions are people who are growing their assets not having their assets recede so there’s so many aspects to setting up a successful placement that it isn’t just throwing a resume out no no I never do it never works never works when the agency for resumes at clients clients don’t even know what they want you need to guide them new client new new graduates who just graduate but have been in the industry I had the most fun placing old graduates of Starkey International I also love placing because I know them I have a really good memory for my graduates I take good care of them I come so become part of the Starkey family we Xavier and I he is Director of Education myself with some charge replacement we really do make a difference in not only our clients like but thanks for listening thank you