The following are short–term programs provided on-site at Clients’ homes or at Starkey International.


They are specific to the Starkey Ten Standards categories: Administration, Housekeeping, Maintenance, Property and Grounds, Entertaining, Culinary, Clothing and Valet, Transportation and Travel, Safety and Protection and Personal Care.


Individual Standards Modules can be taken to receive Course Completions. Full Programs must be completed to receive Certification in each of the specialized focused educational offerings.


Private Service Training for Fine Housekeeping or for Yachts
Etiquette and Service Training to include Old Guard Housekeeping, Household Organization, Products/Tools, and Hands-on Skills Training to include setting up a customized Housekeeping Plan, Zoning and Task Sheets, Household Etiquette and protocols for working in a private home.

5 Days

Private Service Training for Entertainment
This course introduces the student to entertaining in a private home or Yacht, to include: Personal Presentation, Speech and Service Attitudes, International Guest Protocols and Etiquette, Personal Graces, Professional Boundaries, Entertainment Planning, Formal and Informal Table Service and Settings, Wine and Champagne Service, Event Planning, and other technical skills. Designed for Private Household, Yacht, Club Butler Duties or a hands-on Butler position.

5 Days

Private Service Training for Clothing and Valet Care
This course includes training for proper Clothing Care, Closet Organization, Laundry and Ironing, Personal Shopping and recognition of Luxury Products, Care of fine Accessories, spot removal, fine washables, reading labels, basic sewing and dry cleaning management.

3 Days

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