Louise Starkey this is Xavier medicine I’m the Director of Education here at Starkey International we’re so happy you’re here we’re so happy to talk to you today we’re going to talk about a two Publications the one of the most important ones in my opinion is the Bible this is the original guide for private service management it took me and others 10 years to write this is quite the publication it has everything that you could possibly ever want to know from the system to housekeeping to entertaining it’s a it is the Bible it should be your reference every client every person in private service should have one even if you’re not a Starkey graduate because this book is a reference book beyond there’s nothing else like it secondly I want to introduce to you setting house substandards I wrote for my clients only for my clients and there’s an example of a management system or if you will a management plan in setting household standards examples of uh day in the life’s examples of questions that your household manager should be asking you and should be doing it’s an excellent book for old and new persons hiring in private service now both of these books are available if you go to starkeyinternational.com and follow the prompts to the Starkey store you will find find all of starkey’s Publications and by the way yes what what do you want to tell people about these books well first of all I want to say this book took 10 years to to to to create a 780 page it’s a big 704 Pages oh seven and then four page all right I just had it under 76 page but it’s all right this is a book The Bible it has much more than the four-week course it also talks about wine Mixology a lot of reference a lot of place to find product for your home thought the philosophy of service do you know what components have to be present in order for service to actually take place it was a learning process for me I can tell you it’s in the book so these are the two in my opinion best books you could purchase on Starkey store we hope to see you there Mr Madison life a book you will love it you will help you a lot in managing your homes if you are in the industry cannot afford to come to school this is a book for you you can do ebooks or hard copy hard copy this is my way was my way is my way of establishing standards in private service written it’s written it’ll help you it’ll help your client my contribution to this profession thank you for listening thank you awesome