Private Service Management Education for Homes & Estates, Luxury Hotels, Yachts & Corporate Jets

StarkeyHQ Software

Starkey has developed Special Curricula exclusively for the Luxury Market. We know that Service must be genuine, technically correct, mastered and be a lifetime commitment to be successful.

We take great pride in preparing and placing our Graduates in Private Service. We are selective in who we train; we evaluate their attitudes and abilities; and we provide to them real Private Service Management Tools.

They have specialized knowledge to customize and carry out your Service Management Plan, and the software to provide the Technical Skills required by your individual Service Expectations.

Service Management Tools Unique for Private Service:

  1. Service Management System for customizing and documenting one’s entire Service Management Plan
  2. Zoning and Task Sheets for structuring Housekeeping, Maintenance and Security
  3. The Standards Matrix for identifying Employers’ Expectations
  4. The Technical Skills Qualifier for identifying Candidates’ actual knowledge and experience.
  5. Day in the Life tool for creating weekly Service Priorities and documenting for accountability
  6. Baselines and Variables for understanding the time management of how long it takes to complete tasks
  7. Service Daily Calendar for appointments and daily duties
  8. Inventory protocol for identifying and tracking things
  9. Service Management StarkeyHQ Software for ease of utilizing the above service management tools.

Household Service is a body of specialized knowledge and must be positioned to be successful. Service can become “Quality of Life for Everyone!”