Butler is only one aspect of Household ManagementThe age-honored term “Butler” is one aspect of the Household Management profession and Private Service industry.  It is a style of service that is sought in a select portion of the positions now available in the American job market – found primarily in New York City.  Butlers are typically more formal in style, technically centered in smaller homes (or hotels), directly serving one principal’s overall needs.

Starkey’s Graduates are typically more main-line Household or Estate Managers. We serve our Principals and their families throughout the U.S in homes between 5,000 and 50,000 square feet in size.  We teach “Real Management” in Service Management.  We teach functional “Service Relationships” in Service Management.  Our Graduates require developed abilities in up to four of the ten described Starkey Service Standards.   Starkey also has Household Management positions that include in the position description such qualities as a high level of Personal Assistant responsibilities, an expertise as a Private Chef or as an Executive Housekeeper and still others require an old guard or diplomatic Butler style of support.