We are excited about our new program that we are offering at Starkey International.  We have just been approved for our Private Service Wine Sommelier Certification (level 1).  This course is designed to provide students with an understanding of the essential and fundamental aspects of wine knowledge, based on the five major wine regions of France.  The students will examine traditional wine practices and distinguish between those that are more contemporary.  Through thoughtful exploration and awareness  of basic practices, terminology and evaluation, this introductory course will provide a sound basis for the wine novice as well as a review for those with prior wine knowledge.  This 35 hour course will include the following:

·         Introduction to fermentation and distillation

·         Mixology and Bar basics

·         Introduction to wine in history and various cultures

·         Wines today

·         Old World wines and New World wines

·         Wine cellaring and Storage

·         Food and Wine Pairing

·         Glass ware and various wine tools

·         Exploration of the five major wine regions of France and comparison of the New World counterparts

·         Will participate in serving a formal dinner (12) including the planning, prep, and mirrored service.

Each class will include lecture, PowerPoint and visual learning as well as hands on tasting.  You can take this course as part of your eight-week curriculum or you can take this course as a stand alone course.

Please call our Admissions department about more details.