Starkey's Quality EducationOver many years Starkey has learned what it takes to actually put together a high quality of Private Service education.  It’s a grand puzzle.   Educators must have a high level of service management in their backgrounds and have specialized and proven abilities in at least three of the primary areas of service including: Administration, Housekeeping, Culinary, Clothing, Entertaining and Personal Care.  In addition, there must be adjunct educators in Property and Grounds, Maintenance, Transportation and Travel, and Safety and Protection.  Starkey has chosen two 30 year veteran service experts to lead its educational programs, including one with diplomatic presidential household and culinary service in their background and the other with a five star housekeeping and personal care expertise.  In addition, we have identified twenty adjunct educators and presenters to complete our curriculum of experts.  Our full time Personal Statement educator has a Master’s Degree in Industrial /Organizational Psychology and Career Counseling.  The facility must be appropriate for Private Service; our culinary support, classrooms, and computers must support the students.  The financing must be in place to serve our potential students, and our educational text books and service management tools must be seasoned and correct.   Our residential housing must support the student’s quality of life so that they might succeed.  Finally, our availability of positions and the type of positions must be appropriate for our level and the ability of our Graduates, both new and seasoned.  Our placements must be successful, fulfilling, and long lasting!   It has only taken us 30 years to get it right!