Questions I Wish Students Would Have Considered Prior to Attending Starkey

1.  What’s it like to be in service?

It’s life changing.  To be in a world of wealth, but not from it, provides great learning, personal development and access to knowledge that otherwise is not often available.  You’ll never be the same!

2.  What about Work and Family balance?

It can be challenging.  If you are seeking that 9-5 job, this is not for you.  It’s typically a 50 hour week, but what great paying job isn’t? It is a lifestyle, but you will have spans of time for family and play.

3.  Can I have the exact position that’s right for me?

Yes…. Starkey has in place a sophisticated educational process for you to learn what that perfect position is for you.  It’s an integral part of our educational process.  Further, our placement team listens carefully and helps you create that opportunity.

4.  Do I have to know a lot of technology?

Yes…. We live in a techie world from computers to smart home technology.  You must have a working knowledge of computer software to succeed at Starkey.

5.  Why don’t clients hire me and then train me?

I don’t know of another industry where your employer first educates you, except possibly the military, and then you are required to stay at least four years and put yourself in harm’s way!  Persons earning income at this level are expected to be life savvy and have enough resources to educate themselves in Private Service with appropriate Management tools and service expertise to warrant a six figure income. Your clients will then provide their specific expectations and priorities.

6.  Why choose Starkey as opposed to other program?

We have spent 34 years developing both sophisticated curricula and relationships with the high net worth. Our teachers are the finest in the profession. We teach real management with multiple management tools for Private Service. Our Personal Statement work teaches you who you are and the position that is really right for you. We position you with employers that want what you bring culturally, psychologically, ethically and in technical skill. Starkey genuinely provides opportunities not available anywhere else in the world.

7.  Why do I need training in Private Service before you Place me?

That is really a good question. You may know how to cook or manage a boutique hotel and have a range of other important skills. The key, however, is understanding the psychological aspects of private service and the management system we teach you that will ensure your success in private service. Our clients expect the best of the best and we provide you with the education that will help you determine the perfect position for you. We have real standards of professionalism.

8.  What are Private Service Management tools?

Starkey has 19 patents, copyrights and trademarks. We have authored 15 publications, software for private homes, hiring tools and a language for you to speak as a professional in Private Service.  Starkey has  developed a day in the life template for sharing with your employer what you do, a customized housekeeping system, baselines for identifying how many hours of work time each staff member must complete to meet the employers’ service expectations and most importantly a defined process for setting up and customizing an overall written service management plan.

9.  How do I know which of your educational programs is right for me?

There is an actual acceptance process we adhere to.  It requires a background check, knowledge of computers, lifestyle restrictions, health, prior education, work experiences and aptitude for service. Starkey will ask for your résumé, will carefully ascertain your knowledge about service and career goals and recommend the right program for you.

10.  Why is it important for me to know so much about me prior to entering service?

Several reasons:  Service is a lifestyle.  It’s an intimate relationship with a principal and family with unique service expectations. Starkey works with you to help you see who you are and what’s important to you so you might use these same tools to learn from your principal who they are and what’s important to them.  It helps you be on their agenda in serving them. It further identifies the right position for you to grow with for many years. Private Service provides a process of personal development that will change you in all ways.

11.  Are these positions domestic in nature?

No, not in the traditional sense. We teach you a new way of thinking about and delivering service! They are highly paid, with professional boundaries, requiring superior technical skills, with real management and leadership requirements. Our courses are considered master’s level curriculums.

12.  Who hires Starkey Grads?

Our Clients today are primarily New Money and of great wealth.  However, new clients often do not know what they want or how to receive service.  Real knowledge of Private Service, therefore, is required to genuinely succeed.

Service as a profession is experiencing rapid growth. Starkey knows there are nine million positions in the marketplace with old and new wealth, with hotels and retirement communities. Service has indeed become an expertise.  If we are to have a real profession, like all professions, education is required to genuinely succeed.

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