Announcing our upcoming Estate Manager course, our second to last class this year and last Class In Denver Colorado for this year.

This Estate Manager course will start September 12th, 2016 at Starkey International in Denver Colorado. From experience we have found that our higher-end clients will more often hire our seasoned, service veteran, internationally savvy Starkey Grads.

What is a Starkey Estate Manager Course?
Starkey’s Estate Managers’ Program is an accelerated course fit into a 255 hour, four-week course for those persons experienced in service.

This includes individuals with experience in Estate Management, Hotel Management, Food and Beverage Managers and Culinary Chefs.

Starkey’s Service Management System, Service Terminology & Management Tools, and HQ Software are taught in this accelerated course.

The student learns the mind and leadership required to succeed in Private Service Management including the essential Management Tools. It teaches how to identify Service Expectations, put them into a customized system and how to deliver those expectations.

Each student also identifies their own unique style of Service in our Relationship of Service Course. A series of evaluators teach students to understand the correct style of service or hospitality position for them.

Our Private Service HR course is taught, working with Family Offices, and the Management of Multiple Homes and an in-depth course on Entertaining, Wine Celler Management, overall Vendor Management and working with Private Estate Security. There is no culinary instruction provided in this accelerated course.

Colleges would position this course at the Master’s level.

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Announcing A Special 4 Week 255 Hour Household Management Course At Ft. Myers Base. Washington D.C.

Starkey International will be conducting a special four-week 255 hour Household Management course primarily for retiring Enlisted Aides. This course will be held in Washington D.C. from October 24th to November 18th, 2016. We will be able to accept 8 Enlisted Aides in this specialized program offering. All branches of the military however, are invited to attend.

Contact Starkey for information regarding tuition fees, and availability of partial military scholarships.

Please call Ms. Barnes at Starkey International for information, application, or for Enrollment information. 720-788-3398. Email her at