Starkey Mansion GardenSpring has quickly jumped into summer and for those who remember Denver’s high desert weather, it has rained every afternoon for the last few weeks and we are “going green”! Our garden at the Mansion is absolutely grand and we look forward to having some small elegant events there. Kristin Parks has joined us as our event organizer. She was sent to us from Metro State College’s Hospitality School for the summer. Mrs. Bullock and I are also working to set up with Metropolitan State College the ability to transfer credits to Metro State after completing Starkey’s Household Management Course.

We have much going on at Starkey. We have our 104th class in session, an eight week course. This class of students is truly a first rate group. Congratulations to Ms. Stimson on her elimination and selection process for candidates. Great Job Jess! Current ages range from 35 to 50, most formally educated, and all completely committed to service as an expertise!

Mr. Althoff and I just returned from Washington DC where we were invited to address the Navel spouses in managing homes. They are an amazing, talented, and committed group of woman! Thank you U.S. Navy.

I am beginning to write again. It gives me such pleasure. I plan on updating and re-publishing our Setting Household Standards by the end of the year. Also we are working on completing a special publication with the Wealth Legacy Institute on Private Risk Management for our industry; and many more fun things to come from the collaboration with this Institute.

We have been reconnecting with many past graduates through Heili Lehr who has returned to us to support our graduates as part of our placement team. As some of you might remember, Heili was my Personal Assistant for several years. If you have not yet heard from Ms. Lehr, call her. She is available to speak to you right now and would love to hear from you! Speaking of Placements, the industry has indeed changed. The signs of the times are: continuing education, being on your game, resources, and professionalism. Employers want to know that you are up to speed on what is current in Household Management and resources. Be sure to check out Starkey’s new software being released next month.

Watching Your Success,

Mary Louise Starkey