Louise Starkey Starkey International uh I guess I started Starkey at good 43 years ago and my name is Xavier medicine from stock International I’m a director of Education senior Staffing my name is Joseph Bates I am a graduate of both the Starkey course and the advanced course Our Guest Mr baith here is going to talk a little about this experience at Starkey Mr Bates thank you thank you as a formal part so here’s the beauty of Starkey so one the system is applicable across a genre of large I work in a 50 000 square foot home multiple properties but it also goes down to the lowest that’s the beauty of the Starkey system and that’s why it works and that’s why it’s different from the others that you see out there from other places that try to do this but the real Joy behind Starkey is the family aspect I still call her mama Starkey there’s like one of my best friends in the world they were at my 20-year anniversary when you go to Starkey you are gained into a family environment that you won’t get anywhere else and and Mr medicine and Mrs Starkey find out who you are and how you place better so for example if you’re not set up for children or you’re not set up for Elder Care or whatever the case may be they won’t put you in that place if you’re not a great chef perhaps they will put you in something that has more Landscaping Maintenance Securities Etc at all that’s the beauty of the starting system when you go to some of these other places it’s they just want to make that profit off of you going somewhere whereas Mama Starkey wants you to be in that position for 15 years 20 years with a family and grow and etc etc and that’s why that’s why clients come to us that’s why clients come to Starkey or where we place you you have to uh yeah it’s a win-win you have to love your family and the family I have to love you it’s the only way it cannot be one way where you serve a family and you get no feedback uh and so what we work on is that the family you are going to be placed with is going to love who you are because of it Where Mrs Starkey position you in placement as a candidate she makes sure that you are successful at it and she plays your strengths and I think that’s key right that she plays your strengths how did I place your strength she actually told me she didn’t know what she was gonna do with me because when I called her to come to this course I was actually military in Kuwait that’s true that’s correct right Airport Air Force Air Force 24 years but I called and said are you still doing this can I come she goes come down I said well I’m in a desert tent no but I could come here and I came went through the course and then I went back and finished my commitment and then I came to the advanced course and that’s when she said um I think I have the right family for you that had need of the meager skill set that I have uh but she’s got me places I’ve been there seven years my boss has actually saved my life it’s perfect for him give us a snapshot of first day on the course you step into the Mansion you kind of know what you’re getting into but you kind of not sure what you’re getting into but you’re drawn to it so walk us through a course Okay so the first day of the course we came in and you get acclimated here’s our here’s our um instructor here’s what’s going to be happening and they give you a sense of they calm everybody down because you’re nervous what am I doing here what am I doing there what’s going to happen how’s this going to look let me give you an overview of how things are competition right orientation um and then you have a way ahead which is very structured and that’s that’s what you want so you know um this is a technical a trade sort of environment this is Hands-On you don’t learn this book work esoteric what do you think about no this is this is the way this is done and welding school or um what another technology electrician right you need to put your hands on it the service industry to this level Healthcare you have to put your hands on it so the the level of Starkey is my classmate was the was the king of Jordan’s household manager my wife went through and it was the princess of Jordan’s household manager the King’s mother so that’s the level that comes through Starkey so people that want to have the very best that’s why they come here because they service the best we know service we’ve been doing it for 43 years so have you has your placement been successful my boss saved my life how much more successful you want that to be yeah how did you save your life well no problem in the middle of a flight yeah there was an emergency landing and Etc and yeah so we got to the hospital where but the job was did everything to me even their wife do your hockey he overrode Pilots you know whether or not your employers think you’re successful oh yes I believe so so once you fly The Coop from the course you know you got your tools in their bag and they’re sent off uh let’s talk about um your first placement and how you okay then from there so I’m gonna I’m gonna rearrange that question just ever so slightly the you cannot learn everything in a four or five week course period This is why Starkey students are better and they’re different because you have to know what you don’t know which is when a mama Starkey saying and you have to go find the answer a perfect example my boss has some very life-size um brass corporate Ginger statues that was not brought up in the course but I went to the artist who made them and said how do I clean this how do I prep it every year I need to do XYZ you have to have the initiative to go and do these things you may have a table made from the first tree I don’t know but there’s ways to take care of that but a Starkey grab goes and finds out the right way to do it yeah now can he show you every piece of wood and show you every table every polish everything they give you the overview they give you where to go find the answers but the beginning of shark again with family is that it’s I call one of the people that I’ve gone through doing the formal dinners or I’ve been and talked to the classes hey I don’t know how to do this but I heard you’re pretty good at it and we help each other out and have that connection you have that uh Community family we give you a strong base of that product and and surfaces that really are in the average home or not the average room in a high-end and high net worth hum so don’t don’t forget you have multi-million dollar homes with 50 million dollar surfaces and then you have the average homes which has regular surfaces so we teach you all of that and then of course you have to have a concierge mind and and and start looking if you don’t know how to do things uh and start looking into financing what is the instrument for me yeah so how many homes do you go to with your employer that he owns okay so right now we have the main residence which is 50 000 square feet we have a second how much 50 50. you did save fifty five zero yes big home the secondary home is uh 15 000 square feet and then we have a rent well we he has a ranch uh that’s 5 000 Acres with the appropriate Lodge on it we did have a boat and a plane but we’ve gotten rid of those Sims but we maybe get another boat so it’s one of those transition yeah just for fun season yeah so tell me about what you what do you do when you first start in the morning because the first every morning you have to stop right right so we don’t want to know what this is what you do because this is very private but what is what is the motivation and wanting to start with I have coffee to deal with the things I can and run to deal with the things I can’t no and that’s all before 8am no um so one of the things you learn at Starkey is you have your daily Graces which is the things that have to be accomplished throughout the day and you work those in around the principals or clients or however you refer to your people um your their schedules so if they have like myself I do a lot of Transport with the misses because she can’t drive so I have to work around her nails doctor uh business whatever was going on I work the rest of the dailies around that which might include certain amounts of cleaning um or or care or we have contractors on on site doing something with construction or the landscapers or I have the aquarium guys coming to do whatever you have to work out your dailies uh day in the life which is one of the things you learn at Starkey and you go through different pieces like that to help you keep yourself on track one of the things I will tell you the one of the main benefits was always do it the same such as a bathroom let’s just say for the sake of argument I have a certain way I do the bathroom because if I get caught off in the middle I can go back and restart you think it’s just a bathroom but when you have a huge dinner party when you have 15 bathrooms you really need to organize on what you’re doing and that’s one of the benefits of the system is there’s a certain way we do things and you think did I do this when there’s 15 of them oh what happened where where did I get lost plus I have to do dinner prep and whatever whatever you need to be organized so how long have you been in that position since we placed you from seven seven years that’s pretty good seven years it’s really been that long time flies one year old yeah so if you were going to sum up the course into placement and just uh kind of do a closer to this video um give us the just a kind of a an ending snapshot of the importance of starting off correctly because a lot of other people go into this industry but they don’t go through a program like this so this is a tool a very necessary management tool that might be different from a butler so the management household position so originally Butler’s were a household or a housekeeper management and and that’s pretty much what they did nowadays there’s 10 standards in Starkey so a lot of people think I have to be able to cook I have to be able to be a professional housekeeping manager I have to be able to do these things every family is different every family has a different need no there’s no one that’s Tim you know one family there’s a place for everyone so if you have a particular Landscaping skill security skills um transport valet all those things are very valuable to very different types of clients I’m military I’m still Mrs Starkey found me extremely stiff when she first met me and I wasn’t very personable but she found a client who was perfect for me in that you could use my skill sets of medical and security and driving and cooking and all the different things that I can do but he needed a generalist which is where I came in because I can do a wide range not perfect at everything Mr Xavier is a far better Chef than I ever will be but I cook pretty good I don’t think so but I can also you know with it my boss has has guns different things and I have to be cognizant and familiar and safe with those things so all those little pieces come through perhaps you’re just a house a housekeeper you think I couldn’t do this well there’s somebody that needs that in a caretaker role or you’re really great at whatever so it’s not so much your expertise they’re paying for integrity loyalty and Longevity your value your ethics and morals when you have a boss hands you 50 000 in cash and the thought is I just need to put strap over my head so I don’t lose it that’s what they’re paying for you can get hard work from all sorts of places but it’s your integrity your loyalty your honesty your your personal honor that they’re really paying for because it’s such a rare thing nowadays if you have those you can work everything else right you don’t have to be perfect for every 10 standards you know out of a 10 standard you have to know at least four four three or four if you’re lucky five uh with experienced you can have even more but to start yeah you need to know the ten but four of them would be great and then we place you in in in in in connection with voice for compared to the client who’s looking for these four items not everybody is looking for 10 centers at all right it doesn’t happen it’s just whatever out of a 10 standard Administration housekeeping culinary grants and property clothing and Valley transportations uh vendors management uh what are you good at that that the client need Clan maybe don’t need you to cook because we like to go to a restaurant but they have a chef oh they have a chef so they want you to do the other things when you may have some culinary background but they don’t need it because you already like to go out to have a chef but they need you in at least three of our uh standards so and believe it or not there’s clients that you know what their favorite is green bean casserole right you know that it’s chicken thigh cast it really that’s that’s where they grew up in a closet in in Kansas somewhere you know that’s what they grew up on that’s what they like so you know what you don’t have to be able to do foie gras you don’t have to be able to do you know black seeds yeah Michelin food yeah no people people want Michelin food they go to a restaurant with Michelin they want some casual food soup salads a chicken a hamburger or whatever they need sometimes they will have a formal dinner yes and so then you have to be prepared and understand what entertainment is but it’s not often you know most of the time unless you go to your home that just want to entertain all the time so um and then Mr Starkey will place you for that purpose I mean in my case we cater over 25 which isn’t that many so you know well you can do that yeah so the course if you will starts mid January ends mid-February come join us I’d like to place you thank you Mr Bates thank you Mr baby we love you I got personal it was a service