Dear Starkey Star’s, Friends, and Employers;

Greetings, just a short note to share our amazing news!  We have had a great fall and finally, we are about as busy as we can be.  Employers have come back and now ready to hire, and our January classes, both 4 and 8 week, starting January 4 and January 11, 2010 happily are almost filled.  Mr. Donald Jardine (30 year veteran Estate Manager joined us in July) and along with our Kristin Parks, have continued to generate new energy and life.  Like all of us, it has been a difficult and uncertain year, and I am relieved to experience Starkey International again, as we have for the last 30 years.

I know I have an angel on my shoulder as The Costco Connection article came out in August reaching over 8 million readers, many of whom are just right for the Private Service Profession.  You know Starkey recruits quick, bright, educated, hands-on and service smart professionals who are certified in Household Management, have healthy self esteems, and who recognize their value.  Thank you Costco!

We completed our 4-week Certified Managers Course in Washington, DC in October and our 8-week Certified Household Management Course in Colorado this last Friday.  The legendary Mr. Ted Turner attended one of our formal dinners.  A lovely gentleman, I took great delight in thanking him for Turner Classic Movies, my late night TV watching channel.  From the Costco Connection article, we also attracted my all time favorite:  NBC’s Today Show!  They came to learn about Starkey and filmed another of our formal dinners.  The Today Show piece will run this Wednesday, November 25, in the 7:00am hour, MST; we would love your comments.�

The U.S. Military on November 3rd, 2009,  elected yet another Starkey Graduate, MSgt Clayton Cooper, Air Force Enlisted Aide, as Armed Forces Enlisted Aide of the year! Congratulations MSgt Cooper!

Lastly, we take pride in thinking out of the box to continue to meet Private Service needs, and our box is getting bigger!  We are seeking to hire Graduates in the 2010 to support our growth.  If you are an experienced, and Starkey Certified Graduate, and would consider giving back to the profession through education on a world stage, call us and continue the Starkey tradition; Service as an Expertise!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mary Louise Starkey
CEO Starkey International