Starkey CertifiedStarkey International’s hallmark curricula are The Certified Household Management Program and the Certified  Estate Management Program.

These essential Private Service Management offerings provide actual training in our state-of-the-art Starkey Service Management System. This unique Service Model is especially designed for the Private Service Professional. In addition, these unique programs provide practical learning in Daily Graces, management techniques and technology, Housekeeping and Maintenance, identifying Flavor Profiles and Menu Planning, Principal and Household Staff Interaction, Formal Entertaining, Etiquette, Protocol, Safety, Security, CPR, First Aid, and more.

Each of the Institute’s instructors possesses the experience and knowledge necessary to train students effectively. Programs are evaluated regularly to address the needs of an evolving service profession. Our “Restoring the Art” Conference presents an annual industry-wide international Private Service Management event. Additionally, expert seminars are provided throughout the year.

Starkey International’s essential Eight-week Certified Household Management Program and the Four-week Certified Manager’s Program provide Household Service Management Certification. The distinction between the programs is that the Certified Manager’s Program is a high-bred and accelerated educational experience and expects students to be well-versed in service and technical skills. This four-week program is focused on Service Management and does not teach culinary skills. These students must be service professionals ready for an intensified program that demands after-hour study.