Thank you to all our Veterans!

Thank you to all of our Veterans! Many of you shared the Military Stars Event at the Embassy Suites Hotel on July 30th, 2009 with Starkey International Institute. Ms. Stimson, Mr. Althoff, and myself hope you enjoyed the Employer Panel and stopping by the Starkey booth. Good luck on your civilian workforce transition! If I can be of any assistance, please contact me at your convenience on my cell phone 303-994-7407. I look forward to the opportunity to be of service.

Mr. Donald Jardine

Starkey International will see you at MILITARYSTARS

Starkey International Institute for Household Management was described in New York Times article as “a hot second career for former members of the military, who may retire as young as 40, and are seen as trustworthy and able to take orders without flinching.”  Whether you’ve just begun transitioning, are looking for a job after serving in the Armed Forces, or are a veteran, Starkey and MilitaryStars help you transition successfully into your civilian career.  Bring your resume and we will see you on July 30th in Denver, CO.