Our Restoring the Art Conference was a huge success!  Here is some feedback we’ve gotten so far:



Good morning Ms. Starkey and Mr. Smith!   

Thank you for an absolutely wonderful conference!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I think you all did an amazing job putting together the agenda, the speakers, the information, the food, etc.  I absolutely loved it and look forward to my next opportunity to attend more training at Starkey International!  

Warm regards, 

Jill Wilferth Smirl


Mom’s Best Friend/Vail Sitters and Nannies




Hi Mrs. Starkey ~ Last evenings RTA formal dinner was perfect.  You were wonderful as well.  Great message and super attendees.  Just saying “Hello”…




 Ms. Starkey….

I am certain that you are receiving rave reviews from the weekend. I very much enjoyed the reception, the winepairing and the dinner last night was wonderful. You are correct; the group was really wonderful…they had a genuine thoughtfulness about them..all of them. I had the pleasure of sitting next to Mr. A and Patrick (I believe that is his name)..the gentleman who wone the HM award. Delightful!

Thank you once again, for including me! I always learn something new, and meet someone new…all good stuff.
On to a new class!

Lucia Miltenberger 





Lucia Miltenberger
Culinary Instructor
The Art Institute of Colorado
International Culinary School
675 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80209


Dear Friends,



I can’t begin to express how great it was to meet all of you at RTA 

2009. I look forward to keeping in touch with all of you and getting 

to know you each on a more personal level. If and when you’re in San 

Francisco, please get in touch with me, I’d love to have you to our 

house for dinner or out for a drink. (Of course, no need to wait until 

you’re coming to SF to contact me!). If there is ever anything that I 

can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Warm regards,

Jared Miles, Butler



Mrs. Starkey,





I hope you enjoyed your Sunday.  What a wonderful RTA conference and I so thank you for trusting enough to let WLI be a part of it!  What a delight to meet such outstanding individuals!  Let’s talk about what’s next…


Kimberly L. Curtis, CFPR, ChFC, CLU, CAP, AEP, MSFS President and CEO Wealth Legacy Institute, Inc.

950 S. Cherry Street, Suite 505

Denver, CO 80246




First of all it was so great finally meeting you and this in my opinion was the best RTA of the past nine years, smaller than usual but the intimacy gave all of us a chance to get to know one another.

I came away without the main binder that had all of staffs and speakers bios…. It is possible that you can send me another copy?


Patrick Jennings


 Dear colleagues

> It was a true pleasure to meet you all!

> I enjoyed very much RTA 2009, learned so much and recharged energies

> to contunuing striving to delivering service excellence to the benifit

> of our principals and to the profession.

> as Mr. Miles mentioned i look so much forward to keep the

> communication channels open between all of us to exchange experiences,

> ideas, tips, knowledge and to know more about each of one of you.

> Please do not hesitate in contact me should your travel plans ever

> brings to  Los Cabos!

> Yours In Service!

> Leopoldo Perez







Good morning to one and all, 


I to enjoyed attending my first RTA Conference and hope to attend many more. The speakers, the new ideas, information and encouragement were uplifting.

I left there biting at the bit to share it with those that I currently know and hopefully with my new principles in a new position in the near future. 

It was nice to get to mingle one more time with all of you at the closing banquet, the conversation and food were wonderful. Congratulation to Scottie on winning the Mexico trip (should have been mine..lol) and Patrick for HM of the year. Speaking of Patrick we had a nice conversation on our shuttle ride back to DIA on Sunday morning, nice guy I can see why he has done well, especially since he had to figure out how to do everything from scratch.

I wish all of you the best. Please wish me well on finding my new position soon, I know it is out there, after all I am a STARKEY alumni. 


Thomas (Tom) Buder