Wine and Sommelier CertificationStarkey’s 28-hour Wine and Sommelier Program provides instruction on understanding the essential and fundamental aspects of wine knowledge. You will be able to recognize various grape varietals and their major wine growing regions. You will classify and perform a comparative analysis of old- and new-world wines, tasting as many as 35 wines.

In addition, you will identify the various methods of service, purchasing, storage and safety precautions involved in wine service through your participation in planning and serving a Formal Dinner, in which you will gain knowledge in the various techniques of pairing wine with food.

The Private Service Wine & Sommelier Certification, This Program offers 28 hours of instruction. This program is offered in conjunction with the 360-hour Household Management Program, a portion of this program is offered in the 255-hour Service Management Program, or as a stand-alone Private Training Program as requested.


Level I Sommelier Course

  • Introduction to fermentation and distillation
  • The History of Wine
  • Components of Wine
  • Classic Cocktails and Bar Basics
  • Glassware and Various Wine Tools
  • Exploration of the Five Major Wine Regions of France and Comparisons to the New World Counterparts.
  • Reading Wine Labels
  • Wine Cellar Management
  • The Pairing of Food and Wine Tasting
  • Organoleptic (involving the use of sense organs)
  • Old-world and New-world Winemaking