Program Offered at Starkey Mansion, On Location, and as a Correspondence Course

StarkeyHQ Software

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Starkey’s 40-hour, 5-day Service Management “System” and StarkeyHQ© Software Program provides a Service System and StarkeyHQ© Software Certification only. This program highlights Starkey’s patented Facilities Management System and Software. It is designed for veteran Household and Estate Managers and Family Office Concierge providers interested in knowing how to develop and customize a service management plan and utilize the management tools for service. Starkey’s Service Management Software is invaluable for identifying and tracking Client or Guest Expectations in the Service Marketplace and in the Household Management profession. It presents the management tools and identifies possible expectations in 10 service categories. StarkeyHQ© Software included in this course offering.

The Certified Service Management Program comprises 40 curriculum hours in 5 calendar days. This Program NOW is also offered in an At-Home Correspondence Program. StarkeyHQ© Software and Original Guide to Private Service Management included.


1. Starkey Service Management System and StarkeyHQ© Software

Our unique Service Management System instructs how to identify service expectations and to customize a service delivery plan. This patented Facilities Management tool is a highly sophisticated process for identifying, organizing and prioritizing household staff duties and service expectations. Unique to the service profession, it provides a management foundation for Private Service. It includes Terminology, Zones, organizes Housekeeping, Maintenance and Security Task Sheets, synthesizes service delivery hours, position descriptions and provides software for customizing a service delivery plan.

StarkeyHQ Software ScreenshotStarkey Service Management System includes:
  • Identifying Vision and Service Goals
  • Employer’s Family Tree and Traditions
  • Household Favorites and Preferences
  • Establishing the Environment
  • Employer’s Service Standards & Matrix
  • The Household Manager’s Book
  • Provider’s Technical Skills Qualifier
  • Physical Structure and Service Flow
  • Housekeeping and Maintenance Task Sheets
  • “Day in the Life®” & Position Descriptions
Service Standards include:
  • Administration, Calendars, Inventory
  • Housekeeping Schedules
  • Culinary Expectations
  • Clothing and Valet Care
  • Entertainment – Event Planning
  • Property and Grounds Management
  • Maintenance Task Schedules
  • Transportation and Travel Schedules
  • Safety and Protection Management
  • Personal Care: Elder, Guest, Child, and Pet

2. Service Management Plan

  • StarkeyHQ© Software & Application
  • Customizing a Service Management Plan and Creating a Household Manager’s Book
  • Identifying the People’s Lifestyle Service Vision
  • Identifying the Environment
  • Identifying the Service Standards
  • Creating Zones and Housekeeping, Maintenance, and Security Task Sheets
  • Working with the Service Management System’s Tools
  • Customizing and Completing your Service Delivery Plan
  • Presenting the plan to your Principals and Fine Tuning