The Midwest Book Review Watch Review April 2009 Issue Selects “Reviewer’s Choice:”  Mrs. Starkey’s Original Guide to Private Service Management.

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Ms. Starkey’s Original Guide To Private Service Management
Mary Louise Starkey
Starkey International
c/o Starkey and Associates
1350 Logan Street, Denver, CO 80203
9780966480726, $225.00, 303-832-5510

Mary Louise Starkey is the person who coined the term “Household Manager”. She is the developer of the Starkey Service Management System and software, as well as hosting the first Household Management conference in March 2000. In “Ms. Starkey’s Original Guide To Private Service Management” she draws upon her many years of expertise and experience to compose a 704-page compendium of information on service management that stands as the definitive industry bible on the subject. Of special note are the chapters devoted to Administrative Standards (when setting up a household); ‘Housekeeping Standards’; ‘Culinary Standards’, ‘Clothing Standards and Valet Responsibilities’, and ‘Entertaining Standards’. Other issues thoroughly covered include those related to property and grounds, maintenance, transportation and travel, safety and protection, as well as the care of children, guests, elders, and pets. Enhanced with useful and informative appendices, “Ms. Starkey’s Original Guide To Private Service Management” is an impressive and comprehensive workshop and in-service training program within a single volume. Also very highly recommended are Mary Louise Starkey’s two other and more specialized instructional guides: “Mrs. Starkey’s Setting Household”