thank you hello I’m Mary Louise Starkey and this is Xavier medicine I’m a director of education at Stark International I want to talk about the nanny World remember we forgot to introduce to you this is Timmy and Timmy yes everybody loves everybody so I want to talk about the nanny book for whatever and the nanny industry for whenever it’s worth 1980 seven I think I hosted the first Nanny conference in Vail Colorado 333 people showed up it was amazing from England all over the United States and it was a an amazing experience for me because I realized that I was more household management than I was nannying however there was a huge Nanny industry out in our world that has not a whole lot of support yes people will place you but that’s different than getting educated and by the way I just learned that the English Nanny school closed and so there isn’t an uh a training course for nannies at all but there’s a book I wrote this book called The Nanny manager and it’s specifically for clients and it makes it so that if you hire a nanny I don’t care whether they’re educated or not you have to have an idea of what to tell them how to tell them what your expectations are and it give you management tools mom and dad to show them and to have them understand what their role is in representing you as the parent to the children so I want to say the nanny manager we have a lot of these left because people don’t really know about them and any manager is available to you please buy one it’s on our website on the website you know I recommend also any child any parents who are going to send their children to be a nunning to make a little bit of money read about this book so that they’ll know what to expect and what the child should be thinking when they start doing nannying and making some money so it’s really inexpensive it’s like 9.95 I think on our website very inexpensive so it’s worth every cent it’s either it’s it’s the people who are hiring a nanny it’s for the people who wants to get into in any business young kids or and managing it and managing they will learn a lot and they will be prepared because you have to be prepared when you’re going to keep the kids but it’s not yours and you want to be prepared of what you expect and what to um what do you say uh how to organize yourself in terms of 19 all right so it’s it’s also for the people who are looking to hire an and this is of so much information in this book that will help you guide how to look at the dining business thank you we appreciate you listening God bless you have a great Christmas and you can find that on our stocky International