The Starkey Service Management System© is a Specialized Management Tool for Private Service
Serving Employers, Service and Private Service Professionals

Starkey International® is committed to delivering the highest level of Private Service education available. Each Starkey service is designed to provide students and employers with a superior level of Private Service. To meet these standards of excellence, the Starkey International Institute for Private Service Management® has established:


Starkey: The Global Experts. “Serving” The High Net-Worth Style

An International Educational Institute for Service and Private Service Education that offers sophisticated and advanced training in Household and Estate Management and in Service Management that educates Principals, guests and students about “Service as an Expertise.” Our curricula teaches Starkey’s Patented Service Management System and StarkeyHQ© Software; Service Technology, Human Resources, Vendor Management Tools, Private Service Entertaining and Event Planning, Wine Cellar Management, Private Chef Culinary which customizes Flavor Profiles, Butlering, Fine Housekeeping, Service Etiquette and Protocols, Smart Home technology and Service as an Expertise.

On-Site Training Consultations and Customized Private Service Training are available for Private Homes and Estates and their household staff, for residential communities, and for high-end boutique hotels. Starkey helps develop and customize service management plans and technical skills training as requested in setting up a customized Service Management Plan, Zoning and Task Sheets, Household Etiquette and the Relationship of Service, Fine Housekeeping, Formal Entertaining and Table Service, Private Service Culinary Skills, the Marriage of Food and Wine, and Wine Cellar Management.

Recruitment and Placement for our Certified Graduates to succeed by matching Certified Household Managers® and Certified Estate Managers®, Certified Service Managers, Butlers, Personal Assistants, Concierge, Senior Service and other “veteran industry professionals,” with exactly the right potential Principals in private homes, boutique luxury hotels, and senior and residential communities. Starkey has become highly accurate in our placements, providing quality of life for both our Clients and our Graduates by using our multiple character assessments, Technical Skills Qualifier, and Service Style indicator. On-going Placement statistics portray 90% of our Graduates are working with typical placements lasting more than five years.

The “Starkey Brand” has been carefully developed and promoted over the last 35 years to stand for quality and to specifically support our Graduates and those Principals that hire our Graduates. Starkey has been featured as “the Harvard of Private Service” on TV networks, in Publications, and other media for many years. Our Starkey Brand and Crest is well-known throughout the industry in the U.S., Canada, Caribbean, Europe and Asia as setting the Standard for Private Service. It is our commitment to creating a growing profession and education that brings great value and expertise